[Archive] My first warhammer army, chaos dwarfies!


Well yes that’s right as the title says i’m gonna try out my “skills”(:~) on a chaos dwarf army :smiley: always loved them but never really got around to build some. Well I got most of the BFSP models (exept the miners and not sure bout the cannon and crew yet because those are still from my brother :P). My plan is to buy as little as I can (maybe the hellcannon but will see) and use allot of bitz and old models I still got lying around.

Well I started working on some hobgoblins with spears and hope you like them :hat off

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



And here my first chaos dwarf :D! the gun isn’t finished yet not sure how to make them kinda want my own style of blunderbusses :cheers


All looking very good so far!


Thanks allot :smiley: A bit bussy with school atm but will still work on some stuff ^^ (it’s exams year)


Good Start.

Keep the images coming.


I like the goggles, they make the hobgobbos look quite sinister.


Looks promising … so far!

What colour scheme will you use for them?



Thx allot guys :smiley: I think i’ll use allot of snakebite leather for my gobo’s so they’ll have some brown cloths and I think i’ll use red with it, but will see ^^ also thinking of a brown/yellow skin colour :smiley: (little experiment hehe, after all they are hobgobo’s now not night gobo’s :P)

Also working on a chaos dwarf blunderbuss unit atm but a little bussy with school etc :frowning:


Meh for some reason I can’t add atachments atm getting a white screen everytime :frowning: was hoping I could show you my finished gobbo hero :frowning:

Ow btw for my 2 gobbo heroes the plan was to both give em a squig! as you can see I used the BFSP warboss with atack squig for the hero on foot but for the other one I’m using the awsome night goblin hero on giant squig model, that I found at my mom’s house! it’s already finished and he has some goggles to I can already tell you haha will paint him as one of my last gobo’s really love the model so wanna do my best on him.


There he is! Hope you like him ^^


And here I started working on my chaos dwarf blunderbusses which I finnaly found :stuck_out_tongue:

Ow and also here’s a shot of all the models I found so far :hat off

To my suprise it’s a lot lol and there’s more haha, keep in mind that i’m spending almost no money on this army and only using what I find @ either my mom or dad’s house.


Yay first 2 slaves thx anonymous!


I’ve started work on a group of blackorcs! but I was wondering if any1 could tell me if blackorcs can have heroes to in a cd army?

ow and btw sorry for the slacking but im also working on my Golden hat X model :smiley:


Great work Stubbs, you have the start of a great looking army, keep up the good work and i look forward to seeing more soon :slight_smile:


Thx a lot loki really apreciate it :smiley: i’m currently working on my blunderbusses I absolutely love making beards! i’ll post some pics later on


As promised some pics of my first blunderbusses still need to add a few small details. And a group of 10 black orcs I dug up :smiley: I also found an old metal grimgor ironhide model(my first orc model ever !) and replaced the leader with him.


This latest dwarf with the blindfold and the pistol in his left hand is really cute and funny.
If you can add some decorations on the hat, reminiscent of the unity of blunderbusses (IMHO)


Haha thanks anno i’ll see what I will do was hoping I could well give the whole squad beards and masks this weekend if im not to bussy :cheers

Kera foehunter:

That is some great Figure ! i like the blunder buss guy and the hobgoblin like the color purple on the robe !! Im personaly look forward to seeing more of your army


Hey thanks a lot kera went to my mom this weekend and had 2 parties there so didn’t have time to work :frowning: but i’ll do my best with the mini’s :smiley: