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As I’ve mentioned before, I’m trying to do something other than the standard Red/Black CD Scheme, and since almost everything else I do is nurgle… might as well try to do a Nurgle ‘influenced’ Chaos Dwarf army.

The models below are my first 3 ever, the two on the left are casted from the one on the far right. The one on the right is the first CD model I’ve done, so it’s not perfect. That being said, the two casts are my first casts ever as well… and they are kinda messed up (I’ll let you point out the molding mistakes). Because of this they make perfect models to test out my scheme on. Their faces are pretty covered because I wanted to hide some of the more messed up areas :slight_smile:

Last thing - These aren’t done! They are just test models :slight_smile:

Comments welcome!


Looking good so far, looks like you have the scale male working quite well!

Looks like the casting is going well!

That scheme seems to work quite well. The fact that the faces are kind of hidden means there is no real focal point in these models. I understand they are preliminary, but still, it’s an observation.


Are you planning on doing up the bases? I know that some people choose not to, but in this case it could bring some additional colour and brightness to your paint scheme.

Things are looking good with the scheme, well done. If you are interested in any personal opinion suggestions, mine would be adding one final highlight coat on the green, and perhaps some colour/symbols to the banner!

Keep up the good work!


Yeah, the bases and banner haven’t been touched yet and I’m going to lighten the skin a bit more. Also, The green looks a little washed out in the photos.

Thanks guys!


I’m really liking the alternative color scheme!


When you get one to the place you want it, you should post a picture in the Avatars forum so that he can make you one of those nice ones everybody has!

I plan to once I paint a CD… or maybe a greenskin since I am one at heart! haha

Kera foehunter:

man!!! i love the colors they look great. What green did you use?


man!!!! i love the colors they look great. What green did you use?

Kera foehunter
looks like the excellent catachan green





the nurgle colour scheme looks very very very nice. i always wondered what nurgle chaos dwarves would look like and now i know. Of course i have to ask if you are planning on doing any conversions of bulbous bubonic heroes and disease ridden slaves?


looks like the excellent catachan green
The dark or the bright green? (there is two greens on the minis or its mixed with white/black?)


I started with the Foundation Granite colour (on both the green and grey areas)

The green areas where then covered with 50/50 Granite/Catachan Green, then highlighted catachan green, then a final highlight of Catachan/Knarloc Green.

And Torn - For the record, they don’t worship Nurgle, but they do have a pact with him. My fluff is basically that they still worship Hashut, but have dealt with the Grandfather and his minions (my other armies) so much that they have an ‘exclusive’ contract with him for any demon engines and such. You dont hang out with Nurgle worshipers without catching a little something yourself :hat

Hashut’s Blessing:

I think they look excellent. However, my criticisms, all personal tastes of course, would be that if you brighten the skin and/or bases, darken the green. The second is that the two end models have some blue on the scale mail, but I prefer the look of it without. Keep the line of blue around the edge though as it works well. I especially like the banners, shield and weapon. May I ask how you did each, please?



The colours are all out of whack in these photos. The Green is actually darker and highlighted to a light green, so it’s not so flat like in the photos. The blue/grey areas are all actually much grey-er, but my colour adjustment in photoshop made some of it look blue tinted. The skin is actually a bit lighter in person, but still pretty dark. I’m going to lighten it, but keep the purple-ly look to it.

As for the Banners and Hammer, they are from the Chaos Warrior box, but the Hammer is on the plastic Miner Champion arm and the Chaos Banners are on the Miner Banner arm/pole. The Sheild is also from the Chaos Warrior box, but shaved smooth and cut down.

Thanks everyone!

Hashut’s Blessing:

My apologies, I wasn;t clear. I meant how did you paint them :smiley:


Yeah, I am having trouble getting adequate photos of my minis also… is there a post out there on tips for photography of minis?

If not I think it would be a worthwhile post/compilation to start up.

Hey keep us posted as you make any changes!


My apologies, I wasn;t clear. I meant how did you paint them :D

Hashut's Blessing
Oh, sorry!

The banner isn't painted yet, but I did start the model by priming white then washing the whole thing with a mix of black/brown ink, scorched brown and granite paint and a lot of water.

The shield was done like the grey areas of the armour, but instead of just brushing it on I painted in vertical streaks. Granite basecoat, Battlegrey streaks, Battlegrey/Astronomicon Streaks, then Astronomicon Streaks. The battle Damage was done with tinbitz then boltgun. This was all washed with a dark brown wash.

The weapon is just a Tinbitz/boltgun drybrush and a wash like the shield.



The dark colour scheme gives them a moody menacing effect which should look very impressive once you have a whole army done like that.

The scale mail looks good as well.


wow, like how you’re trying something differnent and it actaully looks alright! Allthough as a mentioned before you might wanna darken the green, conversions look nice and clean too. Keep it up.


nice color scheme, it realy looks cool. Also nice to see that more poeple are trying a completly diffrent color scheme then the one you normaly see around here.