[Archive] My first (well made?) 2ooopts CD list (please comment before I take my greenstuff)



I’m a new CD player (just tried them on a small 500pts game) and I wrote this build for starting this army (later I’ll add 1000 more points for larger battles or variations for 2k battles).

Here is the list :

[align=center]:hashut The Evil Anvil :hashut

(temporary name since english is not my usual language^^)[/align]

Characters 690

Lv 4 wizard + dispel scroll (general)


Lv 2 wizard + dispel scroll


Lv 2 wizard


CD Hero + BSB + gazrakh armor


Core 1069

22 CDW + standard + musician


(here goes the General+BSB)

22 CDW + standard + musician + champion + war banner


(here goes a lv2 wiz)

15 BB


(here the second lv2 wiz)

15 BB


22 hobbos + shield + LA + standard


10 wolves + shield + LA + musician


Special/Rare 340

4 BT


2 ES


Total 1999

As you can see, it’s quite an elite army, with a lot of dwarfs, with both good magic and shoot (like all well built CD army no?).

I think a good point is also my 2 CDW units that have both 3ranks+certainly unit power+2 standards each ^^

I made the choice to not use nakked hobbos because they’d block my lines of sight and as a meat shield I fear the Ld test when they’ll cruise my dwarfs units (and the slavery standard is too expensive for juste a meat shield). Moreover, like flank support, I think nakked hobgobs will give points to the opponent by dying to easily.

An option would be to change a CDW unit for a Full stuffed hobbo unit, with the points saved I can buy a black gem for my general and extra BBers, but is it so important? :~

Your comments are welcome, and if they are larges it’s better!

Then I’ll be able to make some purchase of dwarfs and greenstuff :hat off


2 earthshakers wont make you any friends.


I don’t understand this point…

any regular dwarfs uses more than one Great Cannon/Organ Gun/Flame Cannon (with runes to make it stronger)… even orcs usualy have 2 rock lobbers and 1 night gob launcher, why is it a problem if we do so?

Pyro Stick:

I dont see why people complain about two earthshakers?? They are there for us to use, they are good, and we are not out to make friends, we are out to beat people!


dwarven warmachines and orc rock lobbers dont half movement of everything around them or prevent the enemy from shooting.


slide your characters around…
sorcerors in the BB units… BSB in a warrior unit… Lord in the Warbanner unit… get him the gem…
drop a model in each of their units for the character to fit…
not sure what you want the warrior units at… 24 (6x4) or 25 (5x5) work best…

only other problem is the hobgoblin infantry… drop their toys and get twice as many…
at least drop the standard… its like throwing 100vp down a well…

and of course 2 ES are unfriendly…
effective… but unfriendly…


The idea was to make 5models/rank, but with some extra models above the fourth rank for more security.

I’m gonna change the list because 2 ES… is more for tournaments let’s say. I’ll take the gem and a BC unit to give a bit of mobility, and make the list more funny to play.

And what about a BC BSB?


well whats nice about it is the T5…

still a BSB’s place is close to your troops…

and this unit will be some distance from them…