[Archive] My friend came through! 10 CD Warriors on their way! (Story)

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Hi everyone! :hat off

Here’s a nice little “Market Place” story for everyone to enjoy.

As you all know, I own Monster Hobbies in High River, Alberta, Canada.

Well, on Wednesday nights, I run a small Model Railroad Workshop/Club that teaches a few of my interested customers how to make model train layouts, wire track, etc. This is an ongoing club with different lessions each week and so on.

One of my customers has a tiny model train table (4’x56") and he asked me to come over to his house to set it up for him because he was having a track alignment problem.

To make a long story short - we had to re-lay all his track and re-engineer his design. It now has a 22"R outer circle, an 18" inner circle, a siding for an industry and a siding for a turntable. It’s also fully operational using 2 power packs and an Atlas “Controller” switch. (we haven’t started on the turn table yet though)

Anyway, you may also know that my store is hosting the 2011 'Ard Boys preliminaries. Well, I have been emptying out my back storage room and deciding what to do with all the older display items I had to pack away from the time when we had to make my store smaller because the rent increased, and also trying to figure a way to store the gaming tables so that they are out of the way before and after the event.

When I was at his house, I noticed that he had a big mess that could be resolved with some of these display racks and what-not I had sitting empty in my storage. I decided to give him what I had avalible.

He was happy and he wanted to pay me for the items. I told him not to, but that he could bid on some Chaos Dwarf models for me on E-bay. So we decided on a price range of the items and used that as a “currency” for te E-bay items.

Well, there was a set of 10 of the CD plastic warriors with the axes from Denmark. That item had no bids on it for the longest time, so he put in 1 bid and won the item for me!

I’m quite happy about it all! Once these guys arrive, it will be the first time I will own part of the original CD models…FINALLY - something I don’t have to convert!

Anyway, I thought you’d enjoy that story! When the warriors arrive, I’ll post some pics in a regular section.

By for now!

Tarrakk Blackhand.:hat off


Well done the score of your first “Original” CDs. Have fun painting them. Post some pictures when your done.


It is cool got get an actual GW model as a model for your army.

I’ve got a slightly converted astragoth, he’s cool and fits the army quite nicely :smiley:

Tarrakk Blackhand:

I’m not sure if these guys have shields though…but if not, I’m sure I can think of something.