[Archive] My Hobgoblin


I played Chaos Dwarfs back in the '90s and recently dusted off the army to play again.  But I never had a lot of hobgoblins in my army in the '90s. I just used goblin and orc slaves.  The Ravening Hordes list put goblins and orcs in the Special choice.  I’d much rather use my Bolt Throwers and Death Rockets as the Special choice.

So I surfed the site for some inspiration to make my own hobgoblins.  I came up with the hobo below which combines pieces from the BoSP night goblin, standard goblin, and chaos marauder.

I hope to have the full unit done by the end of next week.

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



Looking pretty good. I’d give them a less straight up posture, tho.


looking good what are you going to do about the slotta hole in the base


Looks good! That should di a very nice job I’d say.

Hope you’ve got enough bits to make enough! :slight_smile:


Nice work! Looks good dude! :slight_smile: The full unit should look pretty nice.

Border Reiver:

Nice conversion work. The head seems a little off, but that’s just due to the base fig. I take it that you will be stuffing something into the slot…


The base is just the first base that I grabbed on my workbench. He will have a new base soon. Also, the other ones will have their toes pointed outwards to give a more relaxed stance. I might mix in some other weapon heads for the hand weapons too.


What are the legs you used? Goblins?

Kera foehunter:

great job!! looks great


The legs are from the common goblin sprue.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

I like him! The stance is great and raises the height nicely. It also doesn’t look like they suffer from “Long Torso” like the conversions where you cut the NG’s in half at the waist.

Good Work!