[Archive] my k'daai destroyer(1)


the idea for my projects is the following:

my was just been evoked my my prophet, k’daai is inside the volcano, then breaks the volcano and comes out.

the k’daai’s model is balrog, this is my wip

now i want to finish:

the vent of my volcano

then do the papier mache, inside the volcano

do the rocks that are separating due to exit of k’daai

do a lot of magma on the volcano and on the k’daai.

you like my project?

critique commentary?

sorry for my english is bad :slight_smile:


hi Jack.fus,

i think it’s a really good idea, the whole ‘emerging from a volcano’ is a really cool idea,

can’t wait to see the progress you make and the finished model,




new updates!!

i have finished the volcano, and i do the rocks near k’daai

i want to do a lot of lava that goes down from vent (i need some advices on how to make lava!!)

then i want to do:

rocks that fly away from the volcano (because k’daai breaks the volcano)

some smoke that coming out from the vent (i do the smoke with cotton)

critique commentary?


looking good so far, will he be stepping out of a pool of magma?




maybe yes… the k’daai might be a bit muffled, I would like to emerge from the volcano, to stay on first level!

Golder Goldeater:

Looks nice!

I suggest you have the Balrog- errrrr… the K’dai Destroyer, leaping out of a lava waterfa- errrrrr… lavafall… yeah…:stuck_out_tongue:

It would be very cool!


my k’daai is almost completed… i make a lot of lava on volcano qith some rocks, the smoke that coming out from volcano and i must do lava on the k’daai and rocks flying through the explosion…


Nice to see it when he doesn’t look like he is stuck in a snow drift!


Wouldn’t it of been easier to have just carved up a big block of foam for the volcano not having a pop at you just looks like alot of work doing it like that.

now get it painted:cheers

Mad Dave:

I Agree with Copperpot, but each to their own, but anyway Get it painted!! i wanna see it it finished :slight_smile: