[Archive] My latest list idea and its a face puncher


Lord 400pts

Enchanted shield, ironcross icon, 4++ward, dispel scroll, ball of flaming jelly.

Bsb 210pts

Big stick, mask of the furnace, one use reroll armour stone.

Big cow (taurak) 235pts

Big stick, dragon helm, dawnstone, tricky dicks other stone.

Big cows (bull centaurs) 390pts

8 of em full command and one use reroll banner. Shields.

Lil angry men of angryness. 629pts

46 warriors full command and banner of extra sharpness.

Ol number 7 with a retro upgrade. 310pts

Iron demon, big ass guns.

Aku 325pts

Demon of flaming hell and hate and rage and any other word of hurt pain blood guts fire hate hellfire and spitefulness.


Lore of the dark fathers cow goodness.

The idea? I usually take a fair amount of guns, and when guns fail it leaves me with damn near 600pts of useless. There has to be a better way. So in an attempt to find that better way, lets try run forward and beat on people.

Bulls run with Aku so if he runs into some moron with a dragon helm and a horse the big bull can hit him with a big stick. A fairly solid plan.

The angry lil men walk along with Ol number 7, and beat on things.

“Super face punch puncher punch activate!!!”


Man I’m so confused I don’t get any of this! What are the big sticks? Whats a number 7? Whats a retro upgrade?


Big stick is a great weapon.

Ol number 7 which it says under its entry is a iron demon. Old number 7 is a reference to a train here in the states. Google for the winz!!!

Retro is just wording to make it more appealing to read.

Wolf :

This sounds like a Orc version of old McDonald had a farm, but not as catchy.

After battle discussion between the Ocrs:

“mesa face a angry man with bigstick and talkin cow”


"Yousa sound alike Jar Jar Binks yousa do".


I would love to just some thought thinking about and commenting on your list. But I got so tired of reading it that I skipped to the tet below - didn’t get any better there.

It’s fair enough to funk-up the language, but it sure doesn’t work with an armylist. Not if you want list response from me at least.



I would give the Bullcentaurs spears with shields so you get an extra 6 attacks, unless you plan on just holding something up the entire game. Even with the extra 6 attacks they are still going to be terrible, but quality might help.

You should take khans. You should have multiple things to assist your K’daii getting to where it needs to be with this list.

Your infernal guard block is to big…


Additionally you are relying only on your K’daii to do the damage in this army, once that thing dies you will be hard pressed to get a significant victory.

Overall if you have any great success with this I will be very surprised, as it looks now you have 2 anvils, and a K’daii which a threatening army does not make.


Bulls dont get spears so that they are super tough and provide static. The taruk is the money winner.

The guard is at core points as I dont have any other core that will work. At least not in the way I want it too.

I thought about khans and maybe I will shove some in latter.

I can promise you beer money right now it will win a game or 3.

As for funking up the language did no one read under each entry what the unit was? Sure it is done kinda funky but it all makes sense enough.


I had no problems at all understanding your list and it was fun to read :cheers.

It could be also fun to play I suppose and I will try something like this out some time :hat off.


I agree it can win games, but I just don’t see it getting big wins consistently, and will likely have serious performance issues against certain armies.