[Archive] my list for the new zealand masters

richard barby:

my first masters is next weekend I have other armies (empire dwarves) but I qualified with chaos dwarfs they have always been my go to army. this year I have had a 2nd 3rd and a 6th at the biggest event of the year with them.

im up against some really good lists and some good players as well. net lists everywhere :slight_smile:

you can find the lists on the fields of blood site anyway this is me below.

level 4 on bale Taurus charmed shield talisman of preservation earthing rod lore metal

dark castellain bsb talisman of endurance

level 1 calaice fire

level 1 scroll lore death

hero on wolf

hero on wolf

20 archers muso

20 archers muso

24 warriors great weapons full command



magma cannon

kadi destroyer

we are playing 4 senarios are 2 battleline. my worst 2 are first up dawn attack and meeting engagement afterwards I think it gets better for me battleline watchtower blood and glory finishing with a battleline

Time of Madness:

Looks like a solid list.

I prefer to have the mask of the furnace on the bsb with a shield.

If you are playing scenarios you may want to add a couple of standards to the hobgoblin archer units.

Iโ€™m not a fan of the mid-range guard units with great weapons. I prefer them in smaller units with great weapons or large horde style (30 strong) units. I think you may be better off saving some points and boosting the guard unit up. The hand weapon/shield combo will keep them around longer (hopefully long enough for the taurus/destroyer to flank).

Time of Madness

richard barby:

i cant change the list the deadline has been and gone

with blood and glory there are only a few lists i donโ€™t have a chance of going got a early win against only 3 or so players have 6 or better fortitude

in the nz meta you really need the great weapons now chariots everywhere and monsters but thanks for your feed back i get where you are coming from