[Archive] My LoA baddies


Hello CDO! here is the start of my chaos dwarfs! Enjoy :slight_smile:


And my first hobbo!

What do you guys think?

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



Looking great - I dig the hobgoblins

Grimbold Blackhammer:

Hobbos looks good. And I like the weapon conversion!


Thanks guys! :slight_smile: Aha I cannot take credit for the greatweapons. Those are Grimstonefires conversion kits! I love em and I hope he sees them.


great job!!! the unit with Greatweapons is cool; simple and very good! :hat off


Looks great!!!

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Good stuff! I really like the metal colour on the dawi zharr. I like that bronze look.

And the big lava bubles on the hellcannon - hell of a work enviroment.

What the hobgoblin made of? Part skaven right? Is it a green stuff hood?


Love the great weapon conversion and the unit filler.


Thanks, Bloodbeard the hobbo is a stormvermin body with the tail cut off and mantic goblin head and arms, no greenstuff - a simple kitbash. The hood was just part of the model, they don’t all have hoods unfortunately.

Fuggit Khan:

A nice start you have here, keep with it and share more with us …and I’m always happy to see blogs with Hobgoblins in them :wink:


My choo choo train is done!

Now to finish off my Magma cannon and get building 59 more hobgoblins! Phew!


Like your train, nice and clean. GL with the hobos;)


Heres a sneak peak of my next mini:



Like the pale skin tone … And that teal Hellcannon is sick


Not updated in a while! Here is my 2nd hellcannon, im calling him stunty:

And my unit of hobgoblins are done!:

Got a tournament coming up next week, hence the surge in painting. A group shot will be coming next week with my completed khan, lord, 27 dwarfs magma cannon and deathshrieker rocket!


Stunty is a cool one! I’ve never seen a conversion like it before. Nice Hobgobbos, too.


Your stunty looks great!! :wink: Its cute actually :wink:


Thanks for the comments. Had a practice game today and smashed ogres 19-1. Stunty did great killing a unit of 12 ironguts and making an ironblaster run off the board. Fresh painting luck indeed!


Nice little hellcannon. Only noticed the chains on my second look. It would look cool if they where broken and three crew members came running behind it. With a “not again!” Look on their faces.

What point system do you use?

Insane rampage Stunty was on. A lot of kills hw made. I have yet to experience my hellcannon perform in close combat. So I named him Kitty.