[Archive] My lord


Welcome, it’s my lord 3 edition. I very like’s this model.

3 ED is my favourite edition:cheers

Captain Crayon:

That dude is awesome :slight_smile:


Nice job man.


that’s awesome Jacek! you’re Polish?

great work on the blade and cape! excellent highlighting. can we see other angles? :slight_smile:



Ghrask Dragh:

As I’ve said before, great job!!! excellent colour choice to match the mini’.


Thank’s everyone. I am blushed a bit :rolleyes:

Yes, i from Poland. New CHD, I will add as only paint.

I salute all hot. :slight_smile:


I greet. I have made photos of lords under other angles. I salute.

Kera foehunter:

Wow now that’s a golden boy great job


I think that is a refreshing take on the classic chaos dwarf imagery, i like the fact that even though he is a dwarf he is still going to be taller than most with the size of that base! Well done with that paint job! :cheers:


Hello again. It’s my UPA Band:cheers


Great work on the lord and the other models they look amazing :slight_smile:

Pyro Stick:

Thats a very nicely painted doomaxe. How many 3rd edition models do you have? It would be very cool to see a whole 3rd edition army painted like that.


Yes indeed, very cool guys! :hat off

I would like to see more of them … especially with this paint scheme! :smiley:

Go on dude! :cheers



Nice, I love the detail on the Lord’s sword… good stuff! What is the figure on the left with the skull staff thing?


Really really nice minis, well painted. I wish I could paint my 3rd ed mini’s which I currently have in possesion like that, though I need a boat load more of them to complete the entire range, but it’s a long term project for a reason :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Keep it up and keep us posted =D :cheers


great paint job!! very nice.

I’m just not a fan of goblin green bases but the models are stunning (but would be even more stunning if you swap the green with black)


Hm yeah, green bases are pretty old fashioned, but in this case they work pretty fine toether with the nice red of the Dwarfs, and they are old 3rd Ed. minis, anyway ^^. Nice work, makes me wnat to have the classic CDs, too. The converted one is pretty stylish, too, looks good with the other.


Quality. I never thought white/cream would work as a CD colour scheme, but I am proven wrong.

The lord is one of my favourites of the old minis, nice choice :slight_smile:

Kera foehunter:

great paint job on all those guys you truly gave the old one a new look