[Archive] My Mantic Chaos Dwarfs


Hi folks, I know I promised pictures of my army a while back, but lacked a decent camera to do it. Fortunately the gentlemen at the Tempest 3 tournament were kind enough to take a few photos of the army, so I’ll share them here :slight_smile: I picked up the player’s choice award for the army which I’m obviously very proud of (I think it was the evil pug in the hammerer unit that won it for me ;))

Longbeards with Runelord





Hammerers with Lord and BSB

Organ Gun

Grudge Thrower

Pictures of the other armies, players and tournament staff (and an awful picture of myself showing just how badly I smile for cameras) are in the Latest Tournament news section of The warhammer forum (The Thread is called Tempest 3 winners or something similar). Definitely recommend the event, it’s always fun even though I get systematically battered on a regular basis ;).

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



Cool conversions!

Especially like the Beholder in there!


Awesome stuff! :slight_smile:

Any plans for more?

Thommy H:

Wow, those look great. This is probably the first time I’ve been enthused about the Abyssal Dwarfs range - you really got the best out of some quite dubious figures.


Thanks guys :cheers

At the minute I’m having a slight detour trying to make a daemon army based more on damned souls and blasphemous imagery rather than fantasy monsters. Having said that though, I have some hobgoblins, a hellcannon and a few other bits and bobs to be working on too.

Even though I’m more of a collector than a gamer, I do love the indy tournament scene for meeting new players and having a laugh. If the FW book gets accepted by the tournament scene I’ll probably bulk up the army with more true chaos dwarf units rather than “counts as” models. I’m hoping to make an iron daemon at some point :wink:


Really cool and original conversions, great work! :slight_smile:


Wicked !!! :o

Wanna see more :stuck_out_tongue:


wow… very very nice, i love the organ gun and the other conversion

Golder Goldeater:

AWESOME! Makes golem studio look like amateurs!

Keep it up!


great overal feel of the army, love the warmachines!


Superb! Especially how you used various conversions to represent the different units in the dwarf armybook - i’m a big fan of “counts-as”, especially when it’s well executed :wink:


I must second Thommy!

Great army - I like the colour scheme and the conversions!

But the Mantic models aren’t mine - “dubious” is a very nice euphemism! :wink:


Da Crusha:

very cool army. the conversions and paint jobs are ace!

Golder Goldeater:

Can you please tell me how to paint purple skin? Pleeease!

PS; Can’t stop looking at your army :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks again for the kind comments guys :smiley:

The skin colour is actually a very pale grey, I think the camera flash might have tinged it slightly purple :wink:

Still, it’s a very simple colour scheme. Because the Abyssal dwarf models only have a few patches of skin showing, you can get away with a very basic technique. It’s basically just codex grey, with quite a heavy highlight of astronomicon grey and a light wash of badab black. if you wanted purple-tinged skin, you could try replacing the badab black with leviathan purple, though I would only use a very light wash :slight_smile:


One word: Respect!

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My army’s been posted on the Mantic website :cheers


Very chuffed with that and the copious amounts of vodka I’ve had tonight makes it even better :slight_smile:


Lovely army with cool conversions and an excellent paint job. Very coherent the whole army ties very nicely together. First class!


I love the beholder. Very cool!

Novogord Vivendi:

Can we get some more pictures of your army? Especially some of the figures on there own.