[Archive] My mechanicum army (currently Lucius pattern Reaver WIP)


Well, I’ve started my 40k collection in earnest and have decided I shall be collecting Imperial Guard or, to be more precise a Mechanicum army using IG rules.

I’ve got my Lucius pattern Jackal class Warhound Titan which I shall be working on over the next while, but I’m sure you’ve all seen many of these so I’ll just treat you to some later WIP shots of that.

However, I have just bought an Imperial Valkyrie and a space marine Rhino, and will be bringing to you my brand new project…

My Imperial Lucius Pattern Reaver Titan WIP

This will probably take me a while and I aim to use all pieces to collectively under the value of $200 AUD as the FW Reaver is about $900 and is only in Mars Variant, although the good men at FW have told me that they are in the process of “sketching out” a Lucius varient but not to hold my breath.

As you can guess, the whirlwind will be chopped up to make the carapace launcher, and the “shoulders” of the body. The Valkyrie will be the cabin/cockpit and the main “body” with the wings going towards the legs, and the “turbines” going to make the Turbo-blaster.

I will endeavour to upload photos of my efforts over the next while, and I hope it lives up to your expectations. It will have a fully-furnished openable interior and will be the first Lucius Reaver I’ve seen yet (if you have seen any  then please let me know as it may help) :slight_smile:

Oh, and I’ve got four servitors and two tech-priests built so far. I’m thinking I might proxy servitors as Karskin or Ogryn but am not sure so any input on that would help.



Well, I’ve finished the basic shape of the carapace launcher. It’s now magnetised to the weapon platform for easy swapping.

I’ve included some photos but the quality’s terrible :frowning: sorry about that.

Any C+C is welcome. I’ve since sculpted bolts and damage onto the sheets of metal and added damage to make it more realistic. The Mechanicum symbol/skull on the front is just GS work and I can show the quality better once I get my proper camera fired up.

I’m considering doing a big plate over the sides again though so that it covers up the inconsistencies in symmetry.

I’m now starting on the cabin :slight_smile:



The pictures are big and a bit blurry, and I guess this log’d better be moved to “off-topic project logs”, but I’m liking what I’m seeing. :slight_smile:


Lucius Reaver? Can’t even find one of those at Forgeworld’s pages.


It probably should be moved - sorry about that, started this at early in the morning/ very late at night :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve built the main body that goes behind the cockpit, and will have a room either side. I’m going to completely re-do the plating on the carapace launcher as it doesn’t look as great as it did last night.

I was thinking of either using FW flash to create the feet (toes) or I might use some drop pod bits for it.

It’s coming along nicely and stands about 4"/10cm so far with only the first floor of the hull built.

I will endeavour to get better photos as I have made it possible for a small man-sized model to crawl into the turrets and service them. I shall also have an access hatch to the carapace so that the tech-priests can service the weapons and administer their blessings to the armour.

It’s a very stormy day today where I live so I’ll be staying home working on this (the roads flooded last night so no work today)

Any suggestions on the alternate weapon? I was doing a laser blaster or melta gun for one of the weapons so suggestions are open for the other.



I will still be doing work on my models but will be here/posting a lot less in the while to come so apologies in advance.

A childhood friend of mine took her life this morning and I’m still coming to terms with it. I should get some sleep now but I’ll update some time this week, with all hope.