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Kera foehunter:

Tear of sadness fill my heart to heat of this

There nothing i can say or do to stop the tear my friend

all i can do is prey for you that you can find a understanding

this wound will be hard to heal .

I can’t say how many tear you have to cry

I can’t say how many time you scream out in pain

I can’t say how many time you just want to give up

I can’t say anything that will make you feel better

the only thing i can promise is that I’m your friend and I’m here to lession

Thanks for letting us into your life and share the story of your Mother

Throw i never meet the Great woman !

I did meet here greatest gift that she gave us

You Grims

You have help me in many ways so as a friend its my turn to support you

I’m here write me and i"ll lession



Deepest condolences Grim , my thoughts are with you and your family at this time


Very sorry to hear mate! I know exactly what you are going through and if you ever need to talk to someone who has been through the exact same thing just let me know.


I’m real sorry this should happen to you (or anyone else for that matter). I know words are hollow at a time like this, so I will only say you have my heartfelt condolences. I sincerely wish you and your family all the strength in the time to come.

Take care, man.

Golder Goldeater:

I am very sorry to hear this. There’s nothing more I can say…
But at the very least she died painlessly and peacefully.
Also, judging by what you said about her she had to be a good person who had a very meaningful life (Something that many people don’t have). The fact that you were always in good relationships is something important too. I can only imagine how  hard it is for you, but try to concentrate on that and remember her at her best times. Perhaps it will help you feel better.


Deepest condolences to you and your family. You’ve done your Mum proud with your post.


As said in private, I wish you and yours the best. You can contact me if you need someone to talk to.


Deep condolences Grim. Time will ease the pain…

Ghrask Dragh:

My deepest symathies Grim’ to you and your family.

Sorry mate, take care


It is the funeral in a couple of hours.

All seems to be going as planned so far thank goodness.

A random thing for anyone interested, I thought I’d list the songs we’re having played.

A couple may seem odd for a funeral, but Mum had a really great sense of humour (Fire was one she always joked should be played for a cremation, not sure if she meant hers but we thought it was appropriate).

The rest of the songs were ones we knew she liked.

Entering song: Ralph McTell:- Streets of London (in full)

Medley in the middle somewhere (snippets of songs):

Arthur Brown:- Fire

Beatles:- Sgt Pepper�?Ts Lonely Hearts Club Band

Joe Dolce:- Shaddap You Face

Carly Simon:- Nobody Does It Better

Queen:- The Show Must Go On

Annie Lennox:- Love Song For A Vampire

Il Divo:- Mama

Exit song:

Katherine Jenkins and Kiri Te Tanewa:- The Flower Duet (in full)


Take care, mate: lots of strength to you and your family today. Will be thinking of you guys.


My thoughts go out to you and your family today.

richard barby:

deepest simpathys

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My condolences Grim…

She always be with you… in your memory and in your heart…


I hardly know you but I really feel for you on this. I myself am having a battle with a similar form of growth (I won’t go into it here) and know how much the shock of it can hit you and those around you, and that’s when it’s detected early. I can’t imagine what you went through when there was no apparent hope. You said that it might seem pathetic to post it here but honestly, I feel this is a great community where we CAN do that. I’ve only been here for a tiny amount of time but already have received so much support. Everyone has a story and is prepared to help others.

I hope that things get better for you soon mate. I can’t imagine losing my mother, even though her and I get along erratically at best of times.

She’ll always be with you, just as you’ll always be with your children and those close to you.

Let us know how everything goes, we’re here for you.