[Archive] My non chaos dwarf stuff


OK for those wondering what have I been doing if not converting and painting chaos dwarfs well here’s the answer. Sence the start of July of 07 i’ve been apart of Tale of Fantasy Painters on Warseer. Every month we paint up 200 points of what ever army we choose. I chose to do Empire and have a fairly large force to show of as it stands at the moment.

The entire army for TOFP

And now for individual shots.

Templar grand master of the knights of the white wolf

Lore of shadows wizard

Warrior priest

Caption of the empire on horse

Knights of the white wolf

Middenland swordesmen


More to come later…


Very cool. I particularly like your warrior priest (of ulric).


Thx Khan!

Now to pick up from where I left of.

Middenheim spearmen(no hand painted banner,yet)

Middenland Handgunners

Middenheim and Middenland detachments



And lastly a Helstorm rocket battery


Along with my TOFP Empire army I have also been working on other Empire stuff.

General of the Empire

Old warrior priest of ulric

Lore of heavens wizard

Lore of death wizard

Middenheim crossbowmen

Middenheim handgunners

Knights panther

Pyro Stick:

Im not a fan of Empire but these are looking good.


Very nice army you got there:cheers Love the paint job.


Next up are my Dwarf army"The Red Green Clan." The color scheme and name comes from one of my favorite tv shows “The Red Green show.” The main stay of this army will be done on Ammobunkers Band of brothers(Ammobunker version of TOFP). Here’s most of my dwarf stuff as stands.



Warriors with sheilds

Warriors with GW(as stands at the moment)

Thunderers as stands


Ironbraker(need to be painted and I need to get more)


Lastly is my Lotr stuff. It’s mainly Gondor and one random fig.

Prince Imrahil on foot and mounted plus three Citadel guard.

Three more citadel guard with spear

Avenger bolt thrower

Knights of Minas Tirith

And Gimli


I love the face on Gimli, its good blending.

Not sure about the Templar Grand Master.  Its probably because I’m a great fan of the original though.

Have you thought of doing some Teutogen Guard as Greatswords?  That would fit the theme quite well?

The warrior priest is a cool conversion.  Is that the original head?

The ironbreakers are looking nice, but the chainmail sleeves bring back bad memories for me (I’ve done this on loads of my dwarf warriors).

The thane needs better contrast on his shield with greater shading, greater highlights, or both.

Aside from the colour scheme, is there any particular theme for the army; list/ fluff/ conversions etc?


your models look cool and the color scheme for the dwarfs is original (I have never seen it before)


@Grimstonefire: Thx, I’m not a fan of the original either so thats why I made this one. I have thought about using Teutogen Guard but I can only fing the command blister packs and nothing else. The head on the warrior priest is he original one yes. I’m only making about 20 Ironbreakers so it shouldn’t be so bad. And I swear that Thane is never finished. I always keep going back either fixing something or adding to it. Well one more thing to do. kinda got a list for my dwarfs but it isn’t 2000 points. Conversions will consist mainly with turning the new plastic miners into Ironbreakers, Gyrocopter plane, making a scatched built Anvil, and I might try my hand at converting my own dwarf lord. Fluff is mainly dwarfs that live in an old dwarven fort from the age when elves and dwarfs where friends and tring to rebuild the dwarven kingdom to what it once was.

@furrie: Thx.


My goodness I haven’t heard anyone reference the Red Green show in ages! I quite like your dwarfs, as furrie said the colour scheme is pretty unusual. However, I am concerned at to why these BFSP dwarfs have not been converted into chaos dwarfs…/suspicious! :hat :cheers


I’ve got the dwarf from the bfsp twice and I’m only converting one of the thunderer units to CD’s, I will buy another box for converting when I’m ready. (that will take some time because I have a lot of unpainted models)


@Khan!: Be suspecious if you want but the only reason I didn’t convert them is becouse I just didn’t want to. That and I really wanted to redo this army really badly.(Bad experience, don’t ask why)


Excellent work! Man, I really should buy an Empire Wizard boxed set. :slight_smile: