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i was down in my local gw last week and i had a an idea:idea because i did not want to buy wolf riders for my army i decided out of the blue that it would be a good idea to use tyranid guants ( the ones with the claws) instead any ideas on how this would work modeling wise and fluff wise.

(i am using night goblins instead of sculpting hobgoblins)

and merry christmas:hat off:cheers


Tyranids instead of wolfriders? How would this work as I’m curious as to the line of reasoning.

Thommy H:

Daemon steeds? Insectoid burrowing creatures from below the Mountains of Mourn? Something genetically engineered by a demented Fleshsmith?

They’d need to be converted though, otherwise it’s just lazy no matter how you justify it.


I very curious about your background and the finished models!

Should the “tyranid guant” used as a kind of “Daemon steed” with a Hobgoblin rider? Or will you use trhem without any rider?



I guess it’ll depend on what sort of image you want to go for sundrinker. What I mean is, do you want to make them a sort of slave beast, or some kind of purpose grown lab creation, or something demonic, or even a sort of technological hybrid?

Just as some ideas…
1) as slave beasts - greenstuff some fur onto the shoulders to give them a hybrid look, maybe greenstuff a set of reins, and mount some hobgoblins on top. Make sure to add some interesting bits like a saddle with carry puches for spare ammo and spears.
2) as purpose grown creations - maybe model up a bone crest that acts like a cradle for the rider, and consider adding horns to the head like those of a bull. Then maybe try greenstuffing some more scales or something. You can add riders to this version too.
3) As something demonic… well, let your imagination go wild! If they are demonic nasties you could potentially model them without riders if you bulk them out and maybe given them a sort of back mounted cannon (the long conelike devourers on the sprue would make nice back launchers. Then maybe add tusks and elongate the tails with greenstuff - make sure to add some nasty spikes to the tail
4) as techno beasties… well, adding a clockwork engine to the back with a hard wired “head” like some kind of monster security camera might help represent a “rider” (actually a remote control device), and you can add exhausts to the chest cavity. You could also consider adding some interesting gadgets like razor disks or chain harpoons.

I guess what I am saying is that the more fun you have modelling them, the more likely you are to be happy with them. Just make sure that there is some consistency with them I suppose, and if they are really different from wolf riders (for example demonic beasties) make sure your opponent knows what they are before the game starts :slight_smile: There are some nice conversions of tyranid’s on this site, although they are still meant to be for 40k and not Fantasy, but they helped spur my creativity when I tried to put some tyranids together once http://www.hivefleetmoloch.de/

Have fun - and make sure to show us what you come up with! Edit: And merry Xmas to you too :slight_smile:


RoguePanda came up with some great ideas… I think combining all 3 of those options would even be a cool look!

I’d make sure to shave off all of the outer insectoid carapace and replace it with flesh and fur…


Interesting idea. Im curious as to how you arrived at 'Nids for wolf riders…

For my own wolf riders i think im going to use Chaos Hounds with converted night goblin riders. I know they are strictly not wolves, but they are much better models than the dated plastic wolf. I looked at Dire Wolves also but decided i liked the Chaos Hounds better.

Merry Christmas to all!