[Archive] My RMMC award winning Silly Surfer kits (2)

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Hi guys and girls!

Well, here’s my two winning entries from the Rocky Moutian Modeler’s Club contest held May 29th 2010. I’ll have to break this into two posts as the picture count is too large!

To introduce the Bronze winning model, here is my treatment of the base. I dry brushed the sand colours over a flat black base coat. The end result is the dirty sand of Vancouver, British Columbia, where I was originally from.

The model and it’s Bronze Trophy. Note that the rear tire on this side is 1 1/2" in the air.

Here’s my hand painted pin stripes. The “Shark” board is a copy of the surfboard Frankie Avalon rides in the “Back To The Beach” movie from the 1980’s.

The “Sooper Surfer” and “Exit” script were hard to paint because the letters were stamped into the door. The difficulty was in trying not to let the paint that was suppose to go into the letters touch the top of the door or circle parts of “p’s” and “o’s”.

A close-up of the engine and air horns. I also painted the spider web onto the radiator cap. The candy apple red metallic finish came from a laquer spray can.

The front view of the car.

Here’s the rear axel. I also hand pinstriped it.

Here’s the driver. I didn’t want him to be blond so I painted his hair black. He reminds me of Gilligan from Gilligan’s Island.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Here’s the First Place model :

Here’s the side view. The pellican was hard to glue on the girl’s arm because his center of gravity is actualy off the model. You can see my hand pinstriped board in all it’s glory! The pinstripes go the whole length of the board, even through the wave!

Here’s the man with the fish looking up at him.

And from the other side.

A close-up of the girl and pellican. I decided not to put the eye shadow on her as I thought it would probably wash off in the ocean if she was riding a surf board.

Here’s looking up from underneath the board. Note the pinstripes underneath the surfboard.

Here’s a close-up of the top of the board. The metallic Purple is a laquer spray paint finish.

The “spider-star” design. This is my own creation.


very nice free hand on the boards, I glad you won.


Oh WOW! where did you find coloured metalic paints from? These deserved the win

Tarrakk Blackhand:

I bought them at Canadian Tire and Home Hardware. They’re spray paints.