[Archive] my sneaky gitz


Well, here’s my take on the sneaky gitz!

based them on some early sketches I made about 2 years ago, that looked like this:

I’ve been building these from time to time the past week, and now I’m done with converting 20 of them.

group picture

first rank



and fourth.

here some more pics:

(poor quality pictures, sorry.)

(and btw, the stuff on the blades… It’s not blood, nor poop, its actually venom! :sick)




Very nice simple conversions.The plague monk bodies are a good fit shame they could have more accentuated humps but thats just me :hat off

Easy worth half a slave each


Sweet idea. The parts are easy to find and it looks great. Nice work :hat off

Did u have to do much cutting to make it all fit?


They look good, pretty much the same idea Ive had for mine once I get back to CDs again… Well done!

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Awesome work! Love to see these guys painted up!

Da Crusha:

(and btw, the stuff on the blades.... It's not blood, nor poop, its actually venom! :sick)


HAHa thats a good one:) sweet looking conversions!


wow they look good and the best thing is you could make 20 of them for the price of 1 original from Essexgirl LOL



Great conversion work, they look awesome :slight_smile:


Awesome conversion, m3lvin. I love the Plague Monk conversion for Hobgoblins - it’s simple but effective - and you did a wonderful job on that boss.

No plans for a standard bearer and musician?

And, any chance we might see these painted soon?


thanks everyone for the nice comments :hat off,

and Canix thanks for the slaves! they will surely be put to use. :cheers

Snikkers: I did some cutting on the feets, so their boots wouldn’t be too big.

I made some cutting on the arms, but I mainly used greenstuff to pose them. The heads with hoods up was a good fit from start, I just used plastic glue, the other ones needed some greenstuff.

(I also cut away the fur on their arms, and the tails. but thats pretty obvious :D.)

Clam: I actually left one of the arms on the model to the right of the champion unglued, It’s just blu-tac’ed on the photos.

Thats because I haven’t decided yet if I will use a standard or not, I’ll guess I have to play-test them first.



They are really well done m3lvin, Be great to see them all painted too :wink:


Nice job :slight_smile: Makes me wish I finished mine!

The venom is a nice touch too, should look obviously like venom when painted up. Maybe a touch of gloss varnish on it too.


Great conversions! :hat off

They look fantasic in my eyes! I like the idea with the venom on the blades! :cheers

Really love them, I´m curious to see them painted!


Kera foehunter:

Great group of snekies! great green stuff work


i would of used night runners myself


They look quite good, I was wondering what the stuff on the blade was, then found it. That’s an awful lot of venom on that thing :). Can never be to sure with those Dwarves!!


These are really good. The GS work is great, especially on the boss.

Have some slaves!

The Brain:

They really look awsome. are the monk bodies and goblin heads the only bits you used.


The Brain: yup, plauge monk bodies/ arms, and heads from common and old night goblins.

I used some pouches from the plaguemonk and old night goblin sprues to add details,. but everything else, except the things mentioned above, are achieved by greenstuff.

Perturabo: thanks for the slaves, I appreciate it :hat off



nice and simple conversion…like the look

maybe i´ll “steal” this idea…some day…when i start my sneaky gitz