[Archive] My thoughts about modification to the 7th Ed Army List

Crimson Prophet:

I have to say, that UltimateNagash’s army book and the one featured on this site are all well and good. Nay. They are amazing pieces of work worthy of games-workshop and beyond. :hat off

Rules wise, I am unsure for the new things I am going to put forward, for I am relatively new to rules, but I am a hardcore fluffmaniac to most dark and evilly things.

You can choose to pay my thoughts some attention, or banish me to the lowest and hottest furnace of Hashut’s Temple to appease the hunger of the Father of Darkness.
If you do choose to be intrigued by my simple thoughts, then :hat off.

I have a few things to add and change, in terms of the Seventh Edition Chaos Dwarf Arny List.

Ok, unit number one.

Darklands Chariot.

I like the idea of a chariot, visualizing burly Dawi Zharr slavemasters riding upon them, cackling steel stipped whips and guards stabbing and shooting down runaway slaves. I only believe that the name should change, to something like the Slavedriver, or the Enslaver, you know something “pro-slavery” :slight_smile:


Being that Chaos Dwarves are pioneering slave lords, I believe that they should have a hero that gives off some sort of leadership bonus, and whipping his enemies with a really brutal whip that makes others look like belts. :0

Sorcerer or Priest

I liked UltimateNagash’s Priest idea, because I believe calling them sorcerers kinda draws you to Chaos Sorcerers a little to much. As such, I believe that they should be called something like Priests instead, showing their independence from Chaos Gods and loyalty to their one-true-god, Hashut. Its not essential, but it adds a little distinction.


Keep the name, sounds alright.


Blunderbussers sounds a bit easier to pronounce and not awkward. If you all disagree, then I will die a painful death. :~


Well, I feel that they dont… I’m kidding. They’re awesome. Reminds me alot of 300, thrice blessed by Hashut I’m sure.

Ziggurat Guard

Meh, I dont feel bothered by the name. Furnace Guard might fit better, seeing how furnaces play a hugh portion of Dawi Zharr religion within the Temple of Hashut, and a hardcore unit of CD Immortals chosen for holy guard duty alongside the Bull Centaurs would seem credible.


Please remember I am slowly learning about the rules.

Furnace of Sacrifice

Within the slave pits, to inspire obediance, unwitting slaves are picked randomly from their cohorts, and thrown into the furnace under the gaze of a Rune of Razheph. The furnace is carried to battle with several Furnace Guards, devotees of the inferno, tended to by a Fire Priest, where enemies are sacrificed to invoke the blessings of Hashut and enrage the enemy.

Rules wise. So, basically this an Altar for the Chaos Dwarves, inspiring leadership around them, say 10 ". This would provide crowd control to slave units and attract hatred from enemies.

Um, so thats it. Thats all I can really say. I thank you for your time.

:smiley: Have a nice day.

The Slaver:

Well, i must say i like the ideas alot. they seem really solid, but i might see the Furnace of sacrifice as more Cauldron of blood like. Maybe a non-movving altar to Hashut which makes slave units stubborn(or something) and gives chaos dwarf units a rally bonus. I dont really know the specifics, this just of the top of my head! Anywho, nice idea, keep them coming!

Crimson Prophet:


I was kinda expecting posts like this:

“Get outta here”


"We hate you!"

But this kinda reaction is… pleasant. :slight_smile:

I fully agree about the Furnace of Sacrifice, being immobile.

Keep the comments coming.


There shouldn’t be any nay-sayers here! Chaos Dwarfs generals unite to move the army forward! We are all in this together. :slight_smile:

Crimson Prophet:

yay! my fears may be cast aside in an inferno of flame and sacrifices. Glory to Hashut!

But really, does anyone else feel that what I have said is credible and would like to see a possible change?

Ps. Xander, loved your conversion tutorial videos. I have memorised it and I could possibly do it blindfolded with the free dwarf I got with my Australian WD. That is if I can get around to buying the appropriate tools.