[Archive] My turn! Thanks so much, I'm so excited!

Viskar Zhragoth:

Hello all! I am very excited about all of this, Willmark made my day when he asked me to join the team here!

Like Servius, I’d like to tell you all a little about me.

I live in Midland, MI, USA.

I just turned 37.

I am currently single. (Right now it is a good thing)

I started buying Citadel minis when I was 9 (1980), I read LOTR when I was 8, and thought the orc I found on a family vacation was really cool. I still remember being in a hot sunny car, reading the back of the card and thinking - "wow, citadel miniatures…cool name, this is neat, I wonder how many they make?"

I started playing Warhammer in 1984(I bought it 2 months after it was released in UK), as soon as I could get some friends to try it with me. I’ve been playing GW games ever since.

I am a serious collector, and pretty much buy everything…it is the one thing I don’t ever want to stop.

I worked for GW right out of college in Baltimore. I was in Trade Sales from 1996 till 2000. Won a Sword for being the best at New Accounts in the Us and world (still one of my proudest accomplishments). Made a huge mistake and moved to Seattle for a girl…(this is a trend in my life unfortunately). That 5 years was an incredible time, and I still remember it fondly…especially buying minis by weight and plastic so cheap it was almost criminal (I once bought skeletons…they were a 4 pennies a sprue, 4 skelies a sprue…I bought 20 dollars worth…and went back for more the next day…) :slight_smile:

I just finally got to move most of my stuff back from Seattle, and I had forgotten how much stuff I have…I haven’t found my chaos dwarf box yet, but did manage to find 3 painted guys (a test paint scheme from 1983.) I also found a bunch of boxes and blisters that aren’t painted yet…though I’m starting to crank on them too!

I’m in advertising for a real estate company. I manage the newspaper ads with a 250,000 budget (small time paper, so that is at least 1 ad a day, every day all year (its in our contract). I also manage several smaller publications (our ads for them) our website…though I haven’t been able to do too much to it since I made a change when I got here…not too happy with it now…it works, but I want to do so much more to it. (Its basic, but its at www.arhouse.com)

Like Servius, I have the full CS2 suite at work and at home (work might be picking up CS4 for me in the new year).

For my feelings on this site, please see me thread about my 100th post!

I can’t wait to work with all of you…thanks again for letting me join the team!


A Black Shirt Aye, Did you know Jeff? I think he was in Direct Sales at that time as well.

On CS4 its ok (I was in the Beta Test through University of Nevada -Reno) but  consider CS2 Superior to it. though dreamweaver & Flash would be nice.

Viskar Zhragoth:

I worked almost every state in that time, I worked with Jeff Smith (is that the Jeff you mean?) He was great to work with!

I still miss it…

Yeah, dreamweaver and flash are why I want the Master collection of CS4 :wink:


That be Him… I worked at the local Store Heroes Games and Hobbies (Sparks, NV) for a while and had alot of conversations with Jeff. Great Guy I must agree.


Indeed welcome guys this will be a huge addition to help push issue #3 to even higher levels.