[Archive] my uni fund


going to uni in sept, so i need cash



All henchmen cult themed gk army-heavily converted, not finished converting- NOW ONLY £150 a bargain for what you get

coteaz (converted into a cardinal looking chap)all =I= symbols removed and areas resculpted, head swap, weapon swap. started painting, only thin coats

ordo xenos inq- converted from redemptionist gang leader, started painting, only thin coats

8 crusaders-converted from fw renegade enforcers, with gk falcions (the small ones) and bret men at arm shields, started painting, only thin coat

10 warrior acolytes- converted from flaggelents, not finished yet, need weapon arms (i was going to use the plasmagun/meltagun arms from the cadian comand boxset and convert a couple to have storm bolters)

4 warrior acolytes- based on redemptionist gang members, 1 converted to have a meltagun who is sprayed white

3 servitors-converted from redemption juves, 1 converted with heavy bolter who is sprayed white, 1 converted to have a multimelta, 1 with no weapon

3 jokaero- 1 stock model, 1 techpriest, 1 skaven warplock engineer (to represent a hrud engineer), started painting, sprayed, bare plastic respectivly

vindicare assasin- based on vostroyan sniper with goggles, sprayed white

evesor assasin-based on fw renegade enforcer with necron flayedone claw and custom made gun, started painting

2 chimeras (no pics as they are just chimeras, 1 sprayed green and 1 sprayed brown)

pics- http://s881.photobucket.com/albums/ac11 … quisition/

nurgle daemon army-heavily converted, started painting to a very high standard-NOW ONLY £50

wip converted epidemius

12 pip metal plague bearers

7 pip bases of nurglings, painted in the same manner as the metal plague bearers

5 converted plague bearers (converted from ghouls)

3 converted screamers of teentch (converted to be giant nurgle bloatflies to fit the rest of the army)

pics - http://s881.photobucket.com/albums/ac11/flashgordon1/

white dwarf subscription model- the space dwarf- sprayed white- £25 (cheaper than anywhere else)


forest goblin army

Shaman lord from arachnarok kit

29 plastic forest goblins on foot with spears and full command(taken off the spider riders, still bare plastic)

5 spider riders with musician (sprayed white)

1 giant spider (a couple of legs need fixing up)

around 30 spiders from the spider rider kits £15


1 gunnbjorn with cards (needs stripping) £5

Epic warlord titan (painted and built, probably going to want to strip it) -only £25

what im after

£’s obviously

fw chaos dwarfs (anything from the range that isnt the dreadquake)

old chaos dwarfs with blunderbusses

so pm me