[Archive] My visit to GW HQ (random shots of things)


Just some things I found interesting.  I had to take some photos of some Chaos Dwarfs there!.. Even if they were models 16 years old… :cheers

Nothing here is new as far as I know, incase anyone was hoping for something.


Ooooh, goblin green bases… nostalgia! :slight_smile:

That tower is gorgeous!


I know, I remember reading about it in WD, but seeing it is entirely different. It’s one of the best terrain pieces I’ve ever seen (in the flesh so to speak).

Another random thing, I was talking to Mark Bedford about the weathering powders and how you don’t see many fantasy players using them. He said he painted and weathered an entire skellie regiment in about half an hour and they looked really weathered. Like they had just been dug up.

Shame he didn’t bring them along.


Great pics, i went up there a few years ago its well worth the trip if you can make it :slight_smile:

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Looks awesome! I especially like the Chaos Dwarfs! I wish we could get more.


For anyone who was curious, I’ve had to delete all these pictures as I’m not sure how many were part of me exceeding my bandwidth.