[Archive] My WoC List for Clash of Swords '14


Hey guys,

Let me know what you think about this list that I’m taking to Clash of Swords

* Galrauch

* Exalted Hero of Tzeentch - BSB

Great Weapon, Dragonshelm, Ironcurse Icon, Talisman of Endurance, Third Eye of Tzeentch, Soul Feeder,

Daemonic Mount - Barding

* 5 Chaos Warhounds


* 23 Chaos Warriors of Tzeentch

Shields, Full Command - Blasted Standard

* 5 Marauder Horsemen

Shields, Spears

* 5 Marauder Horsemen

Javelins, Shields, Spears

* 10 Chaos Trolls

* Hellcannon

* Hellcannon



This ain’t a showcase :wink:

I wanna see pretty dolls! <3


This ain't a showcase ;)
I wanna see pretty dolls! <3

Oops! Wrong section! Will re-post correctly!

Although I do have pictures!


Awesome conversions! Lovely painting and basing as well. Youll win due to swagpoints! <3

Wolf :

Very nice, always wandered how trollbloods would look In a WoC WHFB army.


Very nice army!!! Cool conversions and a great paint job with great colors!!


Great looking stuff man!

Perhaps update the title of the thread, now that you’ve also posted in the right section.