[Archive] Myspace?


Does anyone on here have the Myspace?


Yeah, and here it is Metalized (getmetalized) on Myspace


I have the Myspace on the internets, but it is pretty empty apart from links to a few bands.


yeah but it’s pretty rubbish. I only have 6 friends, and my slide show of us all partying in basrah will probably get me fired. In fact, I think I might remove them…

Dave Corden (flash_corden) on Myspace

Hashut’s Blessing:

Yes, but I have no idea why.


Partying in Basrah Hammerhand? Sounds like a story to tell…

HAD a MySpace. Didn’t touch it for ages so I got rid of it


Joined but I use facebook now


who uses MySpace? lol I never got into it. the only friend I ever had was that stupid auto-friend “Tom” 'cause my friend wanted to view someone’s profile but was blocked, so she used my e-mail to sign up. I don’t endorse stalking people via the internet - PS. then I forgot my password and never signed back on.

I’m all about Facebook.


I have a myspace, but I signed up just to squat my name davidjclarke. :slight_smile:

Kera foehunter:

i dont .dont have anytime i have to many stalkers now. hee hee


Facebok is easier for stalker avoidance


Never got into myspace. It is nice for displaying your own music though, especially if you arent a proffessional.

I perfer, face to face contact… and yes I have a facebook but I very rarely use it in other ways of sending free "SMS"s to people.


I have myspace tho i dont use it ,i have Facebook because lots of my old LRP mates are on it to play Warbook .:hat

Its a really crap but highly addictive text based game:D


I DO! myspace.com/iantee

or myspace.com/iantee1989

forget which one though


i hate all that kind of stuff

sometimes it interesting to look at your friends friends friends and find out you actually know them, but other than that big waste of time. i only ever use the net for buying things and wargames/miniatures related stuff. more often than not a combination of the 2 lol.

did try to sign up to facebook because my mate kept going on about it, but it broke halfway through signup.


Well, anyone who’s intrested, my thingy is Alex Huntley (capn_jimbob) on Myspace


One of the problems with MySapce is the music people have playing on their profile automatically. Some of my friends have REALLY bad taste


hey agpo i like your signiture

/feels proud to be quoted


it justs show lots of people you probably will never meet , and you get some freaks on thier too.