[Archive] myth the fallen lords idea army

thyrk the butcher:

can anyone tell me how i could make this into a model



Take one of the new GW troll bodies and reposition the legs and arms.


Or use an Ogre body as the basis.


Or perhaps a Giant body.

thyrk the butcher:

thanks i plan on using it as a maneater in a totally converted vc army


hmmm - troll from lotr would be easy convertable to make a trow.


Yes troll figure with elephant feet from toy shop elephant would do it if you have the GS skills to build on that:hat


THe upper body kind of reminds me of a Zoat :slight_smile:

- Tallhat


Aren’t Bungie the guys that made halo?

What are they doing drawin fantasy stuff?

thyrk the butcher:

hal myth was done by bungie in 1997 long before the Halo series


not entirly true.

ever wonder why halo 1 is halocombat evolved, t’s because in 1989, they released an arcade game called halo whic was one of the flyey ship things flying around shooting aliens and vehicles

thyrk the butcher:

realy never knew but would be because it is before my time


YOu’d need a lot of puttying. A lot. But an ogre would work well as the basics. A lot of the stomach would need to be scraped away and abs would need to be formed. Get some toy elephan for the feet. Use empire for the people.