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I decided to pop some stuff on here as I thought some of it seems to be CD inspired, but I hadn’t noticed until its was painted up!

A hint of CD i’d say :~


Looks good!

Back in the day when i was still into LARPing, my garb wasnt that chaosy though, didnt fit in with my characters :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (now I just got to put the ol’ chain ‘n’ plate armour, oh and the weaponry and stuff, for sale someday, but I amto lazy)

I find it very impressive to say the least that you got such a professional look to this, wouldn’t say that you made it yourself!


Cheers, I think the paint work still needs some polishing off and it still needs a touch of shading work, and the varnish over the top (that’ll make the silver/copper come up better)


I’ve not done LARPing for years, what did you use as the base for it?

I’m assuming that isn’t your castle in the pictures!


Base for it?

The design is based on a roman design from a tower shield modified for a fantasy environment (de-romaned a bit)

It is made from high impact foam, so you can wallop yourself over the head with it, it won’t break and neither will you, not core inside of it (to heavy)


Is there any warhammer larps around? and if so does any one know of any in New England?

Also dude that shield looks awesome!!


I’ve heard of one in the uk, new England is a bit to far :wink: