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then we see the fantasy version of apocalypse, which would suck IMO. i think that if they drew up some experimental rules for him and slung them in a white dwarf for use in mega battles, along with someone from the forces of order and someone from the neutral path then and ONLY then would he have a place. something like

“word of death”: casting value: 15+

pick one enemy unit within 18". unit must pass a leadership test or be removed from the battle.


Another character that would be impossible to field is Lord Kroak BEFORE he died, the charater now is just the dried up husk with the dwindling spirit around him

He vanquished an entire ARMY of greater daemons at the time of the great incursion, and had the power to shift continents and change the planet’s climate

He is one baddass frog :stuck_out_tongue:


had the power to shift continents and change the planet's climate

It would be annoying to play against someone who could shift the terrain at will.

Lord Zarkov:

Not that that’s never happened before, damn High Elves!


And wood elves don’t forget. It was always fun to drop a hill on someone!


what ever happened to the dwarven mountaineer? 24" charge range, bring your own hill, terror causing single dwarf. IEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Kera foehunter:

Auuuuuuuuug i thought this was a chaos dwarf site no more elf talk

*Kera break out her whip" CRACK " The next peson gets 30 lashes !!!that talks about elves


lord kroak before he died, anerion, sigmar, all were never charecters before

nagash was

Uzkul Werit:

Annoying to play terrain shifters eh? Wood Elves anyone?


...anerion...never characters before
nagash was

No. But someone came up with some unofficial stats and points values once (for a perspective)... somewhere around 1,500 including the dragon... too low IMHO.


feels so good to be back

and again those point values were unofficial

nagash is not powerful by himself hes powerful because of what he brings to the table

any and all undead