[Archive] Name me a chaos dwarf! (WIN A TT CHAOS DWARF)


The one that gives me the best name(s) will be awarded a Twisted Tales chaos dwarf (random model depends on stock)!!! The winner will be chosen by a poll!

As you all might now, hasslefree has rereleased the twisted tales chaos dwarves. They also added the previous two chaos dwarfs I did for them to the bunch.

But unfortunately the other two don’t have a name yet, thats where you guys come in :cheers

Sally asked me to name the two buggers, but I thought it might be nice I you all throw me some suggestions and I’ll make a poll out of it;

nr. 1

nr. 2


Wow - that could be fun.

First one has always screamed Executioner to me - so The Executioner, Executionist seems obvious to me.

But to stick with the previous name standard I could see him as a ‘Madhead’ or ‘Crazyhead’ - his first name ? what comes to mind is: Golbis, Vinzhak and Khulgaz.  

And number 2?? Problem here is I actually prefer the handgun version - so I’ll have to think a little bit more about that one. Something that could make him both!

Btw: Found a better picture at Hasslefree’s for no. 2

And while I’m doing the thinking - you could try sculpting me another one :smiley: - and then, have you showed HF your most recent projects yet?


oh really like the first one


maybe Torguz Bloodaxe for the first one

and Quort Soulripper for the second one

thats my ones,hope you like it

maybe i´ll find better ones…

Hrothgar Goldgreed:

How about Sjaak, Jan, Klaas or Bert?

Executioner is fine for the first one though :slight_smile:


For No. 1: Dordal Headcleaver


I think “Axehand Vinny” for either one of them


So far we have:

nr. 1

The Executioner, Executionist

Golbis/Vinzhak/Khulgaz Madhead

Golbis/Vinzhak/Khulgaz Crazyhead

Torguz Bloodaxe

Dordal Headcleaver

Axehand Vinny

nr. 2

Quort Soulripper

Axehand Vinny


nr. 1
Ergrush the hallbreaker

nr. 2
Frakorzi Fellaxe


  1. Deathblade Erik

    2. Definitely Axehand Vinny :slight_smile:


nr 1.

harald headbanger or Wrath lord of Souls

nr 2.

slash the axemaster


nr.1 Goran Satan-Hand

nr.2 Krandon Demon-Rage


nr.1 Nutcracker Khurgat

nr.2 Jorma The Ballbuster

just my 2 cents :P. All these names are fine IMO, but nothing too special :/.

Border Reiver:

  1. Baruch Shatterstone; and

    2. Enlil Thunderstone.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Hahnarvh Facecleaver for the first one.

Zhraken Soulsplitter for the second (or switch the surnames).


  1. Melee Madmask

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Tarrakk Blackhand:

Barduke Hammerhand

Scarrip Necktearer


  1. Ish-Dagan the Kneesplitter

    2. Tiglath Two-axe


  1. Tolgan Battlescar

    2. Krogan Double-Chop

    Guess not all to special but ahwell could give it a shot :slight_smile:


  1. Zharkon Ironsplitter

    2. Sadak the Unhinged


Groth Gutcleaver

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