[Archive] Necromunda Concept: Elixir Guild


Inspired by Games Workshop’s previewed concept sketches for Mercantile Guilds on Necromunda.



Is that a reference to plague doctors�?T masks in the face? :wink:


Indeed, and the layered robe and stylized angular double-spiral pattern are both a reference to the DNA double helix.


I love the backtory and the details you put into this drawing Admiral! Also youre drawings are getting clearer and i like it alot!


Very Nice. What’s her phone number?


Stunning amount of details! And a very “old GW” style achieved, perfectly fitting.


@Forgefire: Tackar! The clarity is probably just down to an attempt to rein in the now-instinctive act of shading the picture. When drawing on the quick, shading tends to become at least somewhat splotchy.

@Abecedar: Thanks. Try the emergency number, phone the hospital! :wink:

@HPN: Thank you kindly, much appreciated!