[Archive] Need advice on a head


So I am making my K’daai Fireborn based off the old Bull Taurus body, a copious amount of greenstuff, and some other bits. Here is my problem though, I need a good head.

I was thinking about the plastic minotaur heads, but dont know if the scale is good. Can anyone help here?

My next thought was to use the banner top Bull Head from forgeworld, but again I don not know if it would look good on scale. Same question.

Finally, there is the Ghorgon head. Much larger I know, but is it too large? Same question.

If anyone can help, it would be much appreciated.

If all else fails, I can use the bull skull from the Orc line, as well as the front skull guard from the Ork Bikers. Give them a more flaming skull head look.


I’ve tried the current plastic Minotaur heads with the GT body, and they’re OK. For what I was trying to do I wanted two matching heads, which I didn’t have, so I scrapped the idea and went with the stock GT bull heads in the end.

Don’t know about the banner top off hand as I’m out of the province at the moment, and I don’t have a Ghorgon head, bt my guess would be that you’re right, it’s likely too large.

The flaming skull look is my personal favourite, but I’m biased :wink:



OK. you don’t need a head. its only adds a focus as a base for the “face or skull” of your figure. Everybody seems to be locked into the Minotaur frame of mind. Yes it fits the bill and I don’t mind that but don’t be blinded by a image. A construct in this case is a frame that something is for the daemon to be bound too. That frame can be an ornamental representation of an object that imitates something (IE an image of a bull or a warrior) or just a frame that a fire-daemon sits on or in as the case may be. The point I’m trying to make is a head is a head, a body is a body, a flame is a flame. and flames mould themselves to what-ever they are attached to, and do-not have to be shaped as expected by popular beliefs into a recognisable object.


Since i am using the BT body as my base, i still want to go with a bullish head. The image i am trying to hit is a deamon holding bull statue, but with vents and runes and so on. Any heads i will used will be GS’d up pretty good.


sorry for the rant. a few too many beers last night.