[Archive] Need advice please


Hey all. I have been thinking of trading or selling my big hat army and have become worried that it might not be possible since some of the models I’ve accumulated over the years are recasts (about 15% of the models: or less). Is this a problem with most people, since I’ll be up front about it, or should I not bother and just shelve the lot?

Your thoughts are much appreciated.


might not be an issue if you sell the genuine ones and “throw in” the others as a bonus…

Pyro Stick:

Depends on the quality. If they are just as good as the originals then it probably wont be much of a problem.


Thanks for the responses. When I traded for them, I knew that the army included some recasts and I didn’t have a problem with it (being out of production and all) but I wasn’t sure if I’m a minority or not.

@ ryan


IMO, that’ll depend on where you sell it…

If you sell it on ebay, some people might be bothered about it if you don’t say they’re recasts…

On the other hand, if you do sell them there, you might have GW breathing down your neck if you state that they’re recasts.

I’d just put them up for sale in the marketplace here, and ask the price you want to get for them… so no biddings or anything.

That means you might not see a lot of profit like you might get on ebay, but you’ll still get the price you wanted for them.

As a plus, people here won’t be bothered as much with the fact that they’re recasts. If they were, they wouldn’t buy 'em right?

Thommy H:

Put a low starting bid on them, say you’re not responsible for the quality, act apologetic in your description and don’t even mention the word “recast” anywhere. If a potential buyer contacts you, be up front though - people should know what they’re buying, but if you make it obvious outside of private messages the auction will get pulled and eBay might even ban you.