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Kera foehunter:

I like to here you guys ideas on cool shield that would work for chaos dwarfs   i would like outrageous one too …just had brain lock


Well first you should learn how to spell Shield :stuck_out_tongue:


I use shields from the chaos marauders kit, my cousin got tons of those and built flails, chaos stars are always fancy, they’re small and round (a.i. Not to big). One of the shields got a cut-off orc head and one version is covered in a flayed face. Also chains and hook variants in there!


Yes, Chaos Marauder shields are perfect. There are none better, though you could still make do with Dwarf or other Chaos (WoC, Beastmen) or even square Goblin shields if you wish to. :slight_smile:


Marauder shields are my favourite too. Both the ones from the maruader infantry box, but getting hold of the marauder horsemen shields is also great. For even more cool round shields, look at the Vampire Counts skeletons.

The Russian Alternative dwarves comes with some really cool round shields too, and they have Chaos Dwarf iconography.

The old chaos warrior shields have a good usable size, but the new ones are as tall as a dwarf so they look silly.

Painted like obsidian the lizardmen shields would be pretty cool too. Or simply green stuff the scales away to have some badass spikes shields.

Ben Saunders:

I haven’t actually tried this yet, but I was thinking of using Ogre gut plates as shields. I assume they’re the right size, since I’ve seen plenty of people replace the gut plates with shields (especially the Marauder ones for Chaos Ogres).


The shields from the plastic Dwarf longbeards/hammerers will work; just use a little green stuff to turn the dwarf faces into leering Chaos dwarf/Lamasu faces.


Ogre gut plates are a couple of millimetres bigger than a normal large round shield and tend to be deeper

Kera foehunter:

I have used most of those ideas :frowning:

used skin dwarfs as shield covers Ect. even old beast men shields . but thanks for your help



Kera, Maxmini do some nice Chaos Shields, Onyx used them here http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=13594&page=1.

They are quite expensive but you could cast up a load of your own if you buy one pack. Are they for your lady chaos dwarf army?

The Beastmen Ungor shields are round and really cool but come with the arm on the inside so you’d have to deal with those. I really like them though =)


The shields Doombeard mentioned are from MaxMini!

I owned them too and they are great imo!

Here is the link to the website: Shields



Here is a photo of an ogre gut plate next to a large round shield. Only a mm or two bigger in diameter