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Hello all I’m new here, and I need some help.  Let me explain a bit.  I am a long time Warhammer player (1st Ed), but have been out of the loop since 6th (Confrontation, Warmachine/Hordes).  My friends are dragging me back in with a long term story based map campaign.  We have 2500 points to create an army with. This army is going to gain experience and gain skills/stats (only living models not war machines).  We are also definitely attacking territories with towers/fortresses.  I couldn’t pick an army I liked until I saw the Forgeworld stuff, now I’m in.  I bought what I liked aesthetically and now am putting together a list.  I do have some funds to add to this, but limited to around $150 US.  Here’s what I was thinking.

Sorcerer on Great Taurus,



Bull Centaur Tuaruk

2x20 Infernal Guard with fireglaives

With full command

15 infernal guard with fireglaives and command

3 bull centaurs

Chaos siege giant

By my calculations this is roughly 2250 so that leaves me some points for magic banner and kitting out characters.  I already own all the minis needed for this.  Emphasis is on survivability as the unit needs to be on the table to gain Xperia, also why there are no war machines, they won’t gain xp


I rally like the fact that you buy an army based on aesthetics

That being said:

Siege battles with no warmachines are gonna be pretty tough. The giant is such a random weapon - he falls to often.

I love fireglaives. They are awesome. But I have found myself missing the great weapon choice extra strengh when fighting heavy armored armies.

There are no new blunderbuss models. So if your frienda allowed it, I would use some fireglaives as proxy blunderbuss’.

I actually thought the were too point expensive, but then I brought along i a friendly game - they are devastating!

Not knowing your campaigns XP-rules, I think warmachines would still be usefull. A deathshrieker is only 100 points and a magma only 145. They are absolutly devastating, and always being at a distance don’t need stat increase.


My opponents so far are Empire, Beastmen, Chaos Daemons, High Elves, and Orcs. So I’m sure I’ll run into a little Armour. Do you think I should transition all fireglaives to great weapons? Or what about just adding the Razor Standard to one large block.

So you think I should drop the giant and add some warmachines. I was think the giants and Bull centuar would work together, but I could scrap both and get some warmachines and use infernal guard to screen. Leaves my big large target army general kinda out there though…

Fuggit Khan:

Always good to see an old Warhammer player come back to the loop, welcome :cheers
You mentioned that there will be attacking territories with towers/fortresses…playing with siege rules? In that case, take the Siege Giant for fun, yes, he is totally random like Bloodbeard said…but he’s fun!
And I agree with Bloodbeard, you should take one Deathshrieker (it’s a nice monster/war machine sniper) and one Magma Cannon.
Lose the Fireglaives, just my opinion naturally, and I’m sure many can make a valid argument for them, but I think they kinda suck for their points. Go with great weapons. Consider a level one Daemonsmith to babysit your war machines, his ability to reroll scatter dice is pretty nifty. And with Xperia points, that level one Daemonsmith will be invaluable in the long run


I suppose if I drop the glaives, and the bull centaurs I could afford to add a few warmachines and still keep the giant…I’ll probably drop the bale Taurus as well, gives more points, but that is a lovely model


Don’t drop all the fireglaives - they are awesome models. Decent range and hitting pretty hard, I’ve had some great succes with stand and shoot. I also like them to support my great weapon block of infernal guard, fireglaives are good for flank attacks and such.

If you end up defending something, you’ll like the range attacks.

I wouldn’t bring a siege giant. They could be great fun - but I only get frustrated by giants. Never seen them work - ever!

Bull Centuars are really cool. That extra speed they bring to the army can turn the tide of battle. The last to battles I’ve fought, I’ve ended up with at stranded unit - because they are so slow. Set up is crucial.


Lol, a lot of alternating viewpoints, it’s hard to fit a little of everything in at 2500 pts.

In spite of some of the comments I am going to bring the giant. I am sure he’ll die horribly, but there is that off chance that he’ll work as intended and pull someone’s house down