[Archive] Need help @ army list


Hi there! Im new to this forum and to playing the chaos dwarfs. At the moment im trying to put together an army list and I could use some advice on what units and tactics to use.:slight_smile:


Hi Blackheart welcome to the site, it all depends on who may point your looking at playing in your games but i think a lord on great Taurus is a must for a 2000 point force he is a rock hard lord that can fly 20" and his mount is no push over either, for the main force i build it around 3 units of warriors and unit of blunderbuss and a few small units of hobgoblins thrown in as a meat shield, and for warmachines you have to have a earth shaker for 110 points they are to good not to take i also take 2 death rockets and some bolt throwers just to really hammer the enemy, i hope this helps you in choosing your force :slight_smile: