[Archive] Need help finding PS1 Game Titles


The main reason why I bought my PS2 is to play PS1 games (and Ratchet & Clank)

A lot of 2D game types are still available for the PS1 that got lost as the consoles got better and all turned 3D. And I used to Love games like Streets of Rage, Golden Axe, and Double Dragon.

So does anyone here know of game titles for the PS1 of similar games?

(1 or 2 players, side scrolling beat em ups, walking and kicking the crap out of loads and loads of bad guys.)

Here’s a example of streets of Rage: on youtube if you know of anything similar please do tell.

and here is the wiki page of the genre.

I know this isnt the correct forum for this, but I thought whit all those friendly nerds, someone should know something (:

Pyro Stick:

Ive heard Ratchet and Clank is really good. My girlfriend keeps telling me to buy it for the xbox arcade. Would you say its worth getting? I think its made by the same people that made Crash Bandicoot so it must be good.

I cant recommend any good side scrolling beat em ups as they were never my favourite kind of game but why not check this list: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_beat_'em_ups

Also, if anyone has the PS1 game Tomba, let me know as i really want to get a copy.


Ive heard Ratchet and Clank is really good. My girlfriend keeps telling me to buy it for the xbox arcade. Would you say its worth getting?

Pyro Stick
Rachet and Clank is awsome, the first 3 games are very cool and each game is an improvement on its predecessor. Ratchet: Gladiator is quit OK but not as cool as 1,2 or 3. and Sise does Matter is OK but also not as great as 1,2 or 3. for now I'm stuck with new titles as the newer games are on the PS3. (and I got a 360)

And I'm working through the wiki list, but its a big pile of everything...
[edit] I worked trough the wiki list checked them all came up with Panzer Bandit, Batman Forever and Gekido, I know there are more...[/edit]


Well if you got a PS2 Devil May cry serries is deffinately worth a look.


@Thorne, I got Devil may Cry 1 and 2, but its not really my thing, the camera movement is really annoying. but thanx for the input.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

That looks like the old skool arcade games! I love those things too. I can’t think of anything in my PS1 collection that’s like them though as I wasn’t much of one for these games. I liked auto racing and quest games like Silent Hill 1 and Twisted Metal.


@Tarrakk Blackhand I know there are titles like this for the PS1 I played at least one (but I dont know the name anymore).

Silent Hill 1 I’ve played also, brilliant game! I collected a tot of the other Silent Hill games but alas part one has gotten quite expensive…

Tarrakk Blackhand:

So I’d better keep my copy then! :smiley:


Have you tried marktplaats.nl(dutch), ebay and retro game freak(havn’t used this site yet, also dutch). Or if you live near Maassluis, there is a shop in maassluis that sells old school consoles, games and 2nd hand movies. There might be other shops, but in Maassluis is the only one I know of.


@Tarrakk: I would if I were you, some people pay up to �,�40-50 for it.

@Furrie: I know Marktplaats and ebay, but the thing is if you want to buy something you should first know how its called… And I’ve tried my local game shops, but no luck.

I’m setting my hopes on Queens day. I will look for any old game (and might even buy myself a mew Sega Genesis/megadrive as my old one died last year).


Oeh after intensive googeling on my other favorite classic game types (side scrolling shooters) I found these:

Unfortunately they no longer sell them in (online)stores. but thank god/Allah/Mom for Ebay cos I just bought a
Darius SILVER HAWK BLUE Figure. Ever since I bumped into a G-Darius arcade I’ve been hooked on this game! got it for the PS1 and also got it on a arcade classic collector for the PS2.

Pieuw pieuw pieuw!!!


If you can find a Playsation gun (go to a pawnbrokers shop, they always have heaps of this stuff for cheap) you can play point blank time crisis, basically most of the shoting arcade games. You could even pick up a couple of cool games that you haven’t even thought of (at the pawnbrokers shop that is).


You should definately check out the Final Fight series (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Final_fight) if you like beat 'em up sidescroll! Unfortunately I don’t think it features any PS1 title… but there’s an adaption of the arcade avaliable on PlaystationNetwork. Also there is Final Fight Streetwise for PS2 :slight_smile:


@Vasquez Thanx I think I got the first one on a collectors game dick for the PS2 but i’ll definatly check out Final Fight Streetwise.

@Ronshank. thanx for the tip, but i;m not really a lasergun shooting game fan.


Spent many a quarter in the old arcade playing this awesome game.


I know this isn’t a 2d game for the ps1.

But all the crash bandicoot games made for it are fun and enjoyable.

If you haven’t heard of the series you try it!

N3 is the best one yet! :slight_smile: