[Archive] Need help finding styrene sellers in UK


Okay, I need styrene, most specifically, Evergreen scale models odds and ends assortment packs #9002 and #9008 and rod and tube assortment #217, 3 of my finest slaves to the person who provides me with a link to the store I end up buying from (preferably in the UK, as i’ve found what I need from a US store, but it costs $45(!) on postage alone! :o)


Styrene in the UK and here is actually called plasticard.

Your best bet is to go to your nearest hobby store (not GW) and see whether they stock it or not.


depending on what thickness you want, i generally use the sides of ice-cream tubs cos its free when you eat as much ice cream as me, now i just need to find a use for pie tins and beer cans


Model train stores, RC car stores, tend to have it. Look out for something called plastrux too.



Antenociti’s workshop. Go to the scratchbuilders paradise section and then they’ve got absolutely allsorts. I have used them before, they have very good service.


Seconding hal not GW they are about as good as … well they arent very good at all for finding where to get materials from.

Yup most hobby shops will do, try places that sell model planes, trains etc they usually are very helpful is such matters and if they dont have any they usually know who does.

Hope that helps more than GW does :hat off