[Archive] NEED HELP! Iron Daemon instructions


Hi guys, I seriously need your help!

I recently bought a used Iron daemon, it came completely unassembled and completely without the original instructions x.x I tried to “toy” with it but it’s quite impossible to get it mounted in the correct way…

so I’m searching for the original FW instructions :wink: please feel free to write me a PM, I can give some slaves for a good help :wink:

Best regards


Mad Dave:

Sorry babis ive just had good check and i think ive thrown out all my fw instructions.


Have you tried contacting FW?

How many slaves?


Have you tried contacting FW?

no since I have not bought the ID directly from them..
How many slaves?

mmh it seems that you are a little greedy, it isn't? oh yes of course you are a chaos dwarf :hat off:hat off

The Gib:

I recently put one of these together just based on pictures from various websites. If you like I can PM you the sites I used. They show the ID in different stages of assembly.


Will have a look when I get home. pretty sure i have kept them


Incidently, I don’t know why FW don’t just put all their instructions on their website as pdfs?

They’re all copyright and it’s not like anyone’s going to make money from it.


Found them on a USB. PM me your email and I’ll send them to you.

Mad Dave:

not sure on the legal side of this idea, but why cant we as community store a copy of all the instruction for the FW Chaos dwarf stuff and maybe pop it up as a sticky somewhere.


Found them on a USB. PM me your email and I'll send them to you.

thanks friend, I've just red your email ;)

Hashut’s Blessing:

Mad Dave: As GSF said, they’re copyrighted. It’s still illegal.

This topic came up for the ID about a month ago as well, lol. If you don’t have th instrucctions, drop a message to FW and say you’ve lost yours, they’ll happily send you the instructions.

Grimbold Blackhammer:

As I assemble my next Iron Daemon, I’ll just take pictures of the process and post them. Stay tuned!


Hi guys! I have to admit I find myself in the same situation here, just got a new Iron Daemon model but no instructions! Perhaps some of you still have the PDF copy? Thanks in advance for your help!


Is it really that hard to,figure out? I found mine very easy to,do.


babis sent me one a while ago, I will try to find it


Hey all, I was given an iron daemon as a gift from a now ex and lost the instructions in the move. I contacted forge world but they wont give me the instructions again since my name isn’t on the purchase order and I dont have the order confirmation number. I tried to explain my situation but they response was…due to the number of fake products and individuals casting their molds they cannot give me the instructions without the information they need. Can anyone help me? I have this beautiful model ready to be assembled but I don’t know how!! :cheers


@ Bloodbeard123. I can help with that.


How is it that hard to put together. I honestly don’t get this.


How is it that hard to put together.  I honestly don't get this.

No need for you to get this. You're able to put it together without instructions. Great!

Someone needs help, that's fine. There's a lot of parts in the model.

Fuggit Khan:

Someone needs help, that's fine. There's a lot of parts in the model.

Yep, no worries to ask for some help.
That's what this forum is all about, helping and sharing with each other.
So bloodbeard33, I'm going to send you some slaves to show that asking for a bit of help is perfectly fine (put them to good use in your workshop while building the Iron Daemon).
And Abecedar, I'm sending you some slaves as well for (always) being the gentleman in helping with the instructions :hat off