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Hey guys, I need your help/advice.

I’ve been playing Bloodbowl for more than a decade, and am starting to get bored with my current team (norse).

In the past, I’ve played humans, halflings and dwarfs (and various others on the pc-game, but those don’t really count).

However, I’m now completely at a loss trying to choose a new team.

I’m quite adept at playing bashing teams (something I noticed while playing the pc-game online and during local leagues with my norse/dwarfs), and have mastered the use of tackle zones with my halflings. I have never been too adept with a passing team though. I feel their initial line-up is always too expensive and weak compared to other teams.

I’m wondering if there is a team you guys could recomend that makes a good transition from a bashing team to a passing team.

Personally, looking at the rosters, I don’t see one that makes a gradual transition, but maybe I’m still stuck in blocking-mode.

Also, I like the wackyness of a Slann team… they’re quite unique :slight_smile:

Does anyone here have some experience with them?

Cheers in advance for any insights!


I got tired of playing the clawpombing teams too, it gets too simple. Though Chaos Dwarfs is still fun, they can do many different thinks. Hard defence and very quick offence, plus the hobgoblins can fill a number of roles.

But if you want to play more ball here’s a few suggestions and thoughts:

Dark Elves: Many different players and can thus be played in many diffenrent ways. The armor of 8 makes it a great way to learn the passing game - they don’t injure all the time. I’ve played en awesome runner, blitzer, lineman team. Great for quick contraplay but can hold their grund if needed.

Slann (made my team slaanesh): They are wacky with all jumping. But the team will become insanely expensive over time - never field more than to blitzers. Best intercetors in the game _ can’t play ball against them. Masters of contraplay. Because of leap they can make a fairly good three man cage near the side of the board, and high movement lets them score easily. Slann lack AG4 and needs a lot of rerolls, because the leap-skill don’t bring it’s own reroll. So the team well get expensive because of very long legs/leap that’ll ften not be used anyway.

Chaos Pact: Insanely good team! Marauders can get G, S, P, M from the start. So it’s an unfair versalite team with the hardest line of scrimmage out there (3 big guys).

Orcs: Best all around. Cheap guys, starts with 4 blockers, 4 stregth 4, ag3, throwers. They’ll get the throwing game done, and they won’t break. Plus possibility of the lucky 1 tuner with goblin/troll.

Underworld: I would go with underworld. It’s a fun team to play. Fast skaven, possibility of mutation, decent armor on blitzers, throwers, goblins for cheap tacklezones and 1 turners, a troll and an elf for cool stunts. Underworld can really become a nasty opponent with a gazilion tricks up there sleeve.

Stay away from Amazons: They start with dodge, but this becomes obsolete in all leauqes due to everyone getting tackle. So they become bad AG3 elves with armour made of butter. Mine did good in the 2 first seasons, then they stopped existing amd became a nurgle team.7

Pro Elves: Masters of throwing and catching. Starting with nerves of stell makes this guys extremely good. But they break too easily to learn the passign game with them.

Cheers. Hope youcan use the “advice”.

Allways good to take some bloodbowl.


Im just about to play Slann in our league http://www.tloeg.bloodbowlleague.com and have only played a few test games. But, they can score fast and whenever the get the chance. Ive been playing them rather “all in” and its been great fun, though I do expect there to be casualties. And btw, I too have played four seasons with Dwarfs and a lot with Ogres. So Slann is my step away from bash as well… :slight_smile:

The ability get get free from almost anywhere on the pitch on 2+ 2+ is amazing(leap dodge) for the catchers. They do need a load of RR though!


Cheers for the input guys!

Orcs put me squarely back amidst the ‘blocking teams’, and I’m hoping to get somewhere different this time. I know they can play the passing game, but they lack the movement to do it really dedicated and good.

Dark Elves are a no-go, since it’s against league rules to have a team more than once in the campaign (except for orcs and humans). When we’re above 50% of all teams chosen, duplicates will be allowed.

Being commissioner and administrator of the league’s page on facebook, that’s my own rule that’s working against me here :slight_smile:

Slann… well, I’m considering them, so I’ll give them a testmatch at least. Since I dislike the available miniatures for them, I’m thinking of buying a few sets of horrors and using those instead (blues for the linemen, pink dor the catchers and pink with beaks for the blitzers… I’ll use a screamer or flamer for the krox).

Chaos Pact looks good indeed, though, knowing myself, I’ll be back at playing the bashing game before I know it, but this time I’ll have norse with an elf amongst them. However, they do seem worth a try.

Underworld… sure, I’ll give 'em a go too.

Amazons are already in the league, but imo, they’re a boring team at higher TV, and they get worse while others get better.

Pro-Elves… sure but, being a basher, I can’t help but flinch when I look at their AV and their lack of defensive skills. However, they do get some of the best positionals from the start (those catchers and blitzers are bad-ass).

An elf-team would give me an excuse for buying and converting Lilith Hesperax though :smiley:


Slann... well, I'm considering them, so I'll give them a testmatch at least. Since I dislike the available miniatures for them, I'm thinking of buying a few sets of horrors and using those instead (blues for the linemen, pink dor the catchers and pink with beaks for the blitzers... I'll use a screamer or flamer for the krox).

http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=5475&pid=227615#pid227615 :hat off


Dang it! Knew I couldn’t have been the first with this idea!

Great execution Tjub (not that I’m used to less from you)!