[Archive] need help with shield


I have had a great idea of what I want to do with my marauder mage. I was checking out a 30th anniversary white dwarf I have in a box and decided I want to have him carried on a shield.

I am quite happy to convert the shield bearers myself as reposing arms is definitely in my abilities, but I need help finding a suitable shield. I tried sculpting my own but it ended up looking more like the old disks of tzeentch.

Has anyone else done anything similar?


Sorry cannot help with the shield idea. Maybe try a “small” palanquin or plinth being held up by the bearers instead as on a shield is very Vanilla dwarfy to me.


I’m always on the look out for the right kind of button. Look at flea markets and second hand stores. Find one in the right size and add some small details with green stuff og plastic strip.