[Archive] Need Help!

Ghrask Dragh:

I am working on a GD entry and have a problem I hope you guys can help me with.

I like all of these banners and can’t decide which one to use so please help me out…






I have good idea but would also like comments and critisms to get the general view from others, always helps to get as many different thoughts on a project like this.



I like the second one, it has good visual impact.��How is your banner painting? With a banner that big, it can make or break the entry.

Ghrask Dragh:

This would be my first bit of freehand banner painting but I’m up for the challenge! the only real problem would be time, but i can work that out.

There will be some freehand work on the shield whatever banner goes on the back!


I vote four, the skulls will give some good conflict with the white and show contrast well


Id say second but not if you intend of putting it with a regiment.

I can imagine trying to put it in a first rank (cringe)

But looks cool, bigger is best! :hat off


I voted for 5, but I think 2 actually looks the best.

It depends on what you’re going for.

If you want him to look “Chaos Dwarfy” then 5 is a good bet. If you simply want the banner which looks the best, then go for 2.

imo :wink:

Pyro Stick:

Use 2 or 4. If you use 5 then theres not much to it. 2 gives you freedom to do an awesome paint job design on the banner. 4 would just be interesting to see


Meh, i’m not a particular fan of any of them, the ones that are just poles look a bit dull, and the ones with banners are too big, if you want my two cents, get some of these: http://uk.games-workshop.com/storefront/store.uk?do=Individual&code=9947010805104&orignav=10

Large enough for some a bit of freehand, small enough to not look stupid, and suit the CD look as well :).


Voted for 4 but i like 2 as well if your figure painting is good:hat


:hat off @ Draco. They would indeed look COOL!

Hashut’s Blessing:

I would say 1 if your army is Chaos based (by which I mean, you show lots of tie-ins to Chaos). Because although it’s a competition entry, you want it to fit into your army afterwards as well. But, for the most part, I would say number 2. 3 doesn’t look impressive enough, 4 doesn’t look like a banner and 5 needs smallish banners coming from the poles to be good. That’s just my opinion though.

Traitor King:

Well I like 4, its good nd simple.

However, If you have good freehand skills, 2 could work really well. But it really does depend on your skill…


2 or 3 I say. Make them banners big. Funny people here don’t like “big banners”??? What is the world coming to?

Lord Darkash:

Looks like im alone, i think 1 looks best. It fits the model well. 2 goes off to one side too much i think, 3 just doesn’t look right for some reason, 4 is to basic and same with 5. Though 5 you could add banners to, it looks like the origional…?

Ghrask Dragh:

Ahhh, interesting results. Thanks for the comments guys!

5. are the original banner poles that comes with that model and would have two banners attached to the poles, should have said.

Also the shield (with freehand) will be on the left arm, I’ve been thinking it might look a bit one-sided with two detailed items on the one side of the model if I were to go for 2?

This model will not be used in a game as I have recently decided that my army will not be made up of the old big-hat models, might still look good at the front of my army so there is still hope yet but it will probably be just a display piece, unless Uzkul wants to use it his army every now and again.

Dracomancer - I love the fire at the top of those banners but I’m not to sure about the scrolls, I will definetly use those tops in the future though Thanks for the idea!

I am still undicided on the banner(s) so comments and ideas are still welcome. A quick update…

Not the best pics but there you go.


wow! I love the base! And the highlighting on the scales looks great.


You will have to bring that model to games day if you finish it!


Nice progress, it’s a blurry pic but the painting looks very good so far. I voted five on the banners. You’ll have to add some banners to the poles of course but you can easily do this with some paper and wood glue. I think this would fit the model’s look better and give it an old school feel. And you would be able to go to town on the freehand design, plus it gives the model some more depth. Would take a lot of time though so maybe not the best choice if your time is limited.

The fourth one would be my second choice, the other ones just look to big and a bit silly in my opinion…



I’ve been having trouble sorting out my opinion on this one, but I ended up voting for #5 for very similar reasons to Kobarf. The first three I think just don’t quite fit the scale of the dwarf, ie they look out of place. Number four is cool and mean-looking, but it would be harder to get an actual banner on it for any freehand. That leaves number 5, which carries on the CD bull theme, is simple and straightforward, but has the potential for freehand banners, which, being hand-made, will impress the judges more than the plastic ones. Meanwhile, I think the severed arm on the base is fantastic! :cheers

Ghrask Dragh:

Thanks for voting and posting your ideas guys! :cheers

I will post pics of the finished mini in with all the other pics I will take at Games Day 2007.

After Games Day I can at last start work on my Chaos Dwarf Army!!! I have done a few bits and pieces which are posted on this site…




…but none will be part of my army (well maybe sometimes eg.Lammasu 3000pt battles, if I ever get there ;)). My Chaos Dwarfs will be fully converted and will include masks, hats and helms! I really can’t wait to get started :slight_smile: