[Archive] need hobgobs, possible trade against other chaos dwarfs


Hi all,

I’m new to this forum and a freshly converted hashut adorer :slight_smile:

I just bought an entire CD army (about 4000pts; the whole list (in french though and a couple pics can be found on my blog)… well, “entire” might be too strong a word since the hobgobs (and hobgob archers) are still missing in it. I can buy them or trade them against things i don’t need :

-1 sorcerer on lamasu

-15 blunderbusses (no shields)

-a dozen bull centaurs

-2 death rockets

and some other stuff… oh, i also have some lizardmen ready for trade.

Thanks in advance everybody!


It’d be easier and cheaper to make your own hobgoblins at this point.

If you get no luck, check the other forums on some ideas on how to convert your own. The easiest and simpliest (but least attractive) is to get Goblin heads and Bret Archer bodies then green-stuff the necks…

But, there are other more difficult, but more attractive ways to make some too.