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Hi there im an old school cd player you prob seen me skulking around,

well, ive got lots of big hats. then i decided to make my own big hats they turned out bad and i wasted quite a bit of money, im proud of my flying cow and earth shaker but i need idea’s to start my new version of chaos dwarf warrior, i got lots and lots of bfsp dwarfs and fresh dwarf warriors and thunderers so thats not a problem.

i want to make them look like the new black orcs, you would think the black orcs got their armor of the chaos dwarfs so it would be similer,

my sculpting skill is erm, about 3/5, 5 being pro.

i want as many idea’s as possible so just throw idea’s, im turning against big hats after being a long time supporter.

thx in advance

Pyro Stick:

Are you wanting them to look something like this?:


yes, but i know that was unrelised

Pyro Stick:

So? You say you are going to convert your own guys to look like black orc armour and many people think this looks like it has black orc armour.


was thinkin somit more “heavy”, the armor, with a chaos warrior helmet

Kera foehunter:

Well why not try some old chaos nights chest and put them on the old dwarf 6 serries lower bodys and use the chaos arms after shorted a little bit


Are you wanting them to look something like this?:

Pyro Stick
WOW! Where is that from?? I never saw it before.


Doesn’t look like a GW fig… Does look way cool though…

Uzkul Werit:

That axe looks a little big. Black Orc size even.