[Archive] need painting advice(1)


Hi all, I’m currently painting some miniatures with a dark blue base coat and gold details(helmets, shield icons, armor), I’m having trouble deciding what color wash to us to bring out the creases and crevasses, but not dull the blue and gold too much…so I don’t want to use black…what other wash color/colors should I use?..maybe a flesh tone or a light brown?..thanks for your help


You can´t go wrong with brown washes for golden surfaces. The old Devlan Mud was perfect for this. Just try to mix some silver in your last highlight, it´s something that really deepens the look of the yellow metal.

I won´t use any wash on blue, just start with an extremely dark tone and work your way up using layering… By experience I found that washes on blue tend to leave spots and stains.


Hm, problem seems to be that the basecoat itself is the intended color. If you don`t want to change that perhaps you should try to paint the wash only into the deep area and than continue with the highlighting?


A purple wash in the recesses can help to bring depth to the blue parts of your model.