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Hi guys im playing against empire tommorow and im a bit in the wild what to do. He have a lot of low level mages, stank, demigryphs some cannons. I dont know what else :slight_smile:

The restrictions are the Iron deamon are 0-1, K’daii destroyer counts as 1 war machine. Max 4 war machines, max 3 of s5 templates kdaai and prophet. Dobbeling warmachines counts as +1 (two magmas counts as 2 s5 warmachines and 3 warmachines total):

Here is the list ive commed up with, its 2400 P:

2400 P føl Thomas


Infernal Castellan: Mask of Furnace, Enchanted Shield, luck stone: 200 P

1 Deamonsmith lvl 2 enchanted shield, dispell scroll 145 p

1 Khan on wolf: 52 P


35 IG, banner musc. 440 P

40 Hobgoblins 160 P

600 P


1 Deathschriekr 100 P

1 magma cannon 145 P

7 k’daai fireborn 385

7 k’daai fireborn: 385 P


K’daai destroyer

325 P

5 wolfriders 60

Twisted Dwarf:

I like the list myself

I love fireborn!


Shame half the list will POP by the end of game :frowning:


Definitely aim to get your K’daai into close combat by turn two at the latest and aim them preferably for infantry where they’ll do the most damage (i.e. Blazing Body special rule and stomps). Don’t bother putting your K’daai Fireborn up against larger foes as larger enemy base size means you’re getting fewer flaming hits and the K’daai will also be less effective in close combat against them… I had mine get trapped by a unit with a couple of demigryphs and they held up the 6 K’daai until they burned themselves out. That was not so fun. Also, use your Hobgoblins on foot and IG to block your opponent from getting to your K’daai Destroyer and Wolfriders until you have them where you want them, or just block your opponent from getting to your warmachines with them too :wink:

Looks pretty good otherwise. Have fun!!



Let’s hear how the battle went.


TAke a lv 4

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Well guys, it went horrible. He had a spam list of 3 wizards and a war alter, with banishment on two.

Here how it went down:

He chooses side, I start the setup, he starts the game:

turn one - he irresistible forces an banishment on the k’dai destroyer whitch pops. He shoots both my warmachines with a cannon and the stank. There from the game was pretty much up hill :slight_smile: