[Archive] Need some help and opinions, lizardmen


I have some lizardmen models i’m starting to paint and want some opinions and some ideas for things I can’t figure out.

Saurus Warrior

I like how this guy is turnning out. But I have no idea what to paint the sheild. Any suggestions here?

Skink Skirmishers

Again, like how it is turnning out. The problem i’m having here is the crest. Any suggestions?


Red seems to be a favoured colour for people who have blue lizardmen (I painted my lizardmen green). I think the old Lizardmen book has a list of different coloured crests and what spawning (i.e. marking favoured by a certain God) they symbolised. If you’re keen on fluff maybe just pick a colour that way?

Personally, I think a contrasting colour would look pretty striking. Maybe yellow for the crest on the Skinks and a green for the shields on the Saurus (or perhaps a red)?


First off Dino: Let me say I really like your paint job, how did you do it? It looks great!

I agree with wallacer, red would work rather well. I also like his idea with the spawnings and colors… that could be really cool to be honest.

Contrasting would be cool, but I advise caution with yellow. I find it a very hard color to work with and make look good. Having said that, if you can make it look good, go for it.


As Wallacer says, if you want an eye catching mix, you should paint the shields orangey-red. With orange behind a complimentary colour to blue, it will stand out the most. If you have a copy of the 6th Ed Lizardman army book they have some interesting contrasting and stripey designs in there, but here are a couple:

Orange foundation paint

Devlan brown/Ogryn flesh wash

vomit brown highlights

dark angels green stripes

highlight scales in the stripes with snot green

I think this one is the GW lizardman default shield scheme

red gore

flesh or brown wash

vomit brown highlights

Kera foehunter:

well i think dark green base and high lighted in a lime green


Very nicely painted models - i think the shield crest colour depends on how you are going to base the mini - if you are going to add flock / static grass then i would use something in the red / orange spectrum of colours. If not then a light green would be my preference.

also does your army have a theme - e.g. if it is a Sotek themed list then clearly red is the way forward.


Aperently people keep pointing to red sheilds so here’s a test.

I must admit I had my doughts but seeing it now makes me want to say hell yes. I’mkinda glade I didn’t go with what I was bondering before(purple).

Now just gotta figure out that skink crest.

And here’s haw I did the skin just for swiss:


Basecoat a 50/50 mix of hawk turquise and regal blue

The strait hawk turquise

Then it’s a mix of hawk turquise, scaly gree, and ice blue

Last highlight has more ice blue added to it.


Basecoat Regal blue

Wash with black wash(any will do, I had one I use for my armour)

then regal blue again

then a 50/50 mix of regal blue and enchanted blue

Then extreme highlights of enchanted blue


Schorched brown

dark flesh

bestial brown


Graveward earth

Kammando kakie(start teeth and small claws)

then debth stone


Golden yellow

chaos black for the pupile.

Kera foehunter:

wow !! the red does look good!!