[Archive] Need some painting tips for a model

Singleton Mosby:

A friend of mine has supplied me with a model of his army to paint, it is the champion of his bloodletters. As I didn’t like the generic pose of the models I took it apart, reassambled it in a more active pose cutting off the head of an Empire Pistolier. Especially the pistolier was made from various bits and pieces of Empire and Undead models.

I quite like how it turned out but now I’ve started painting the model and have a little problem: The colors I chose for the pistolier do not work well with those of the bloodletter. I am not sure what it is, think it is the white. But should I change it to green or red instead. Or will it perhaps work out after all once the entire model is painted…x.x  Help!!!1!

(model is a bit darker and way more shiny in the pic due to bad lighting, when there is some sunlight I can make better pictures)

Your tips and advice is much appreciated.

Da Crusha:

I was told to use a color wheel when deciding colors and have since found this:


it helps find colors that come together well. also I’ve been told to use the shade of the main color and add a tiny bit into the shade of the additional color to bring them together.

Kera foehunter:

  • Kera take the color chart out of Da crusha back pocket *

    S W I P E thank you


i would change a few things.

the silver on the bloodletter should be brazen or gold, as they are typical for khorne.

use the silver on the imperial soldier.

blue and white look good together. but here i would use colours contrasting the red.

for example green for the blue parts (contrast to red) and yellow because it matches good with green.

the red is more on the warm side of colours, so you could use light grey or even white to highlight the green and yellow.

so you have a warm/cold contrast between both models.

maybe even paint (in thin layers) some of your greenbasetone into the shadows of the bloodletter. sounds strange but looks awesome.


Mad Dave:

ive always been a big fan of red/gold and silver with a nulen oil wash for my khorne stuff