[Archive] [Nemesis Crown] Alaric The Mad


Alaric the Mad - he went crazy and started it all. He rebelled and basically dissed the entirety of Dwarfdom.

Western Dwarfdom… perhaps he defected? To us?

Which begs the question, do Dwarves -defect- to the CDs? Would we accept that?

Or did we trick Alaric into Zharr Naggrund where he then was kicked into the slave pits to live forever in anonymity?

D’dos Croizii:

Not likely, there more inclined to throw him in the pits as a slave then have him be considered a Chaos Dwarf.

If you weren’t born a Chaos Dwarf, you’ll never be a chaos dwarf, and therefore another worthless slave for the pits, i imagine would be their mentality on the matter.


Most Chaos Dwarfs didn’t really choose to worship Hashut, they just did it to survive.

Most normal Dwarfs are so damned stubborn it’s hard to imagine them voluntarily breaking with a tradition that has been inculcated into them since birth.


Well, Alaric kinda shot that down the drain when he used Warpstone in an invention.

Lord Zarkov:

After he had finished the crown though he realised it was a bad idea, tried to hide it, and got back on the straight and narrow, although was a little unhinged after. He went on to create many great (and non evil) artifacts such as the Runefangs

Kera foehunter:

the whole gw Nemisis Crown could of ended quicker if we had halflings.Who would hide a crown like that… the gready dwarfs would of dug it up sooner if there was a such thing.Becase dwarfs love power and they cant keep a secret.


In some old fluff, there is a dwarf called Snakebeard who join the CD. So perhaps they take dwarfs renegates.