[Archive] [Nemesis Crown] Anyone wrongfully deleted?


I want to compile a list of people here who believe that their account has been wronfully deleted. It would be helpful if you could give the relevant account information (general, army name, and if you feel like it: ID code). It might also be helpful if you had any idea as to why you may have been flagged.

For example:

Galdeth the Swift

Need for Speed


My local gaming group used a common computer to log battles for the group.


Hehe, you already know my reply from the realm


Welcome back ICFTD! No issues for me.


some people are flagged with a big ! i wonder if those are people suspected of cheating.

Lepreh Khan:

Or maybe that just means that one of their battles have been disputed.


The flags mean that the system has automatically marked them as doing at least one of 6 things that could potentially be seen as cheating.

I reckon that if you get a certain amount in a week/ 3 days etc that the system assumes you are cheating and deletes your account.��No consulation, just termination.

BTW from what I’ve heard, NEVER EVER DISPUTE A BATTLE.��If this happens they just delete both accounts (the disputer and disputee).��Again, no consulation just termination.