[Archive] [Nemesis Crown] Hand of Hashut Narrative. Week 2


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As written by the Hand of Hashut War Council members: Grimstonefire, Uzkul Werit, chaoticRunesmith and Hashut’s Blessing.

The Draken Downs Week 2

The Garrison of Gash Kadrak had been carrying out Hashut’s will in Draken Downs with admirable speed considering their unenviable task. At their camp near the Wyrm and Bucket Uzkul and his assembled council met with the leaders of a fearsome Orc army by the name of Waaagh Wolfsbanem. From the little of their crude tongue the Hobgoblin translator managed to understand several of ‘dem magic bangstickz’ have been sighted, which the Chaos Dwarfs took to mean their Hellcannons.

The nearest one was reported to be located in a cave that is rumoured to be the domain of an immense Dragon. By the will of Hashut they were to be tested! Uzkul sent several tribes of Goblins to scout out the Caves and report back. If they didn’t come back at all, or returned considerably chargrilled, then he would fear the worst.

The Waaagh Wolfsbanem also believed that another two of their precious Hellcannons are running wild through the hills of the Draken Downs. These daemonic machines had been spotted roaming around Slayer’s End, where a huge army of Slayers were amassing. Their arrogant kin in the west would no doubt think that destroying such a horrific war machine would be a challenge and a worthy death. By Hashut Uzkul would make sure that these Hellcannons were found unharmed and untouched!

The final report from the Orcs was that a dormant Hellcannon had been captured by the foolish manlings at Delberz! They would soon realise their mistake when the beast was awakened.

As the Council listened to all these reports, they began to suspect that their greenskinned allies were not telling all. Orcs and Goblins are not the greatest of liars, but it was obvious there were hiding something significant from their allies. Still, the Chaos Dwarf spies were many and all greenskins could be bought for the right price.

The Drakwald Deeps Week 2

As the last rays of sun fell in the Drakwald Deeps, the Chaos Dwarfs had a growing sense of unease. It might have been the subtle change in the winds of magic they were feeling, or it might just be the thousands of red eyes that were shining at them out of the darkness.

Their first week of fighting alongside their Skaven and greenskin allies had been extremely problematic. Countless units had been lost as the two races took out their aggressions on each other. It was only natural after all; if the lesser races had an ounce of common sense between them the Chaos Dwarfs would really be in trouble.

Still, once the Chaos Dwarfs had sent them out on separate missions things had dramatically improved.

With the help of the blasting charges the Combat Engineers had given them, the Orc Cruzade had quickly blown its way through the forest towards the lake at Jutonkraag. Admittedly many greenskins had been lost, the Chaos Dwarfs had forgotten they can only count to three, and the timers were for four seconds. However, within a matter of hours they had blown a path several miles long through the dense forest.

Their Skaven allies had been far more suited to the arcane engineering of the Chaos Dwarfs, the arrival of reinforcements with wagons of blunderbusses proving extremely fortuitous. Having armed them accordingly, the ‘Gunrats’ of Clan Skyre were ready for war. With a wisdom born of centuries, the ancient Sorcerer Grakan Bloodfist leading the efforts in this region had wisely cast a rune of enchantment upon the weapons. At a single word they would cease working, meaning that the Chaos Dwarfs would be free from any ‘accidental’ misses by their devious allies.

Deep beneath the earth Grakan had been busy in secret negotiations with the mysterious Skaven Grey Seer. Walking up and down the tunnels to stop his stony limbs from seizing up, the two remained in deep conversation and apparently had much to discuss. Most of the Dawi Zharr under his command were unaware what the old Sorcerer was doing, but thirteen large metal chests had been seen being carried by their Skaven allies. What is in the chests remains a mystery that only time will reveal.

The Reik’s Marches Week 2

Having dropped off its cargo on the banks of the River Talabec, the Hammer of Hashut began its long voyage out of the Great Forest and back towards Norsca heavy with wounded warriors and thousands of slaves.

Throughout this first week the Hammer of Hashut had been vital in establishing a presence for the Chaos Dwarfs in this area. An army of manlings had spotted the machine when it had been forced to surface due to engine troubles. Without the ability to appreciate such a magnificent engineering feat, the foolish manlings brought their cannons to bear and began firing. Before the cannons could reload a hatch opened up from the upper deck and an intense bombardment of rockets were falling down upon them.

This was but the first of a few encounters for the submersible as it made its dangerous voyage. As it approached Altdorf the Dwarf ironclad ‘Gold Digger’ and its Slayer Pirates attacked the craft and attempted to board. Keen must be the eyesight of its captain to see the craft below the water, but the Chaos Dwarfs had learnt never to underestimate their traitorous kin. Fortunately the manling city was under siege by the undead legions of the Tomb Kings, so had not noticed the black oil leaking out into the Reik.

Many miles away in the depths of the forest, the Chaos Dwarf army began their attack on Albrech’s Tower. The flimsy outer defences of the tower were no match for the demolition teams, and soon the Chaos Dwarf were in a position to blast open the doors themselves. Before they could attempt this their Orc allies returned to report that a hue army of manlings would be upon them before the day was out.

The Combat Engineers set a series of ingenious traps in the area around the tower; digging out a series of trenches and filling them with oil and other flammable chemicals and then disguising them with bracken. When their enemies arrived their greenskin allies would launch hundreds of arrows with small explosives attached. Amongst the confusion their enemy would panic and run, filling the burning trenches with sacrifices to Hashut.

The Howling Heights Week 2

(Messenger captured, report expected tommorow)

The R�uberthal Week 2

Rambok and his Combat Engineers were weary as they had never been before. They had worked night and day for a whole week without rest to network the area for miles around Trenkenkragg with a series of deadly traps.

In the middle of forests they had suspended trees and boulders by ropes, killing thousands of Lizardmen and barbarian warriors of Chaos as they fought. In other places they had filled pits with spikes, and set hundreds of bolt throwers take down the Brettonian cavalry that had long threatened the southern flank.

Rambok himself had been wounded during a ferocious assault by an army of Wood Elves. The fiendish Elves were not to be fooled by the Dawi Zharr traps, and from the cover of the trees began their attack upon the Chaos Dwarfs and their army of mercenaries. Many hundreds of bandits were slain by the elven arrows before they reached the tree line, but just when the situation was becoming critical the Orcs arrived. With an almighty WAAAAGGH the frenzied Savage Orcs surged through the elf lines from behind, sending them into complete disarray.

Running in panic from the butchery of the gore covered Orcs, the elves were easy prey for the traps the Chaos Dwarfs had set only a few days before. The worst was yet to come for the elves of the forest, for as they fled an ancient Treeman had been left behind. Surrounded by enemies on all sides, the spirit of the forest fought long and hard. Eventually the beast had been taken down by a messenger sent from the Hand of Hashut, his Great Taurus crashing into the back of the giant and knocking it to the floor. Dragged back to Trenkenkragg by hundreds of goblins and covered in crude painting, the 'Wood ‘Ead’ was to be used in a ritual by the Orc Shamans to summon the Eye of Mork.

Wounded and bleeding from the attack Rambok and the Chaos Dwarf Combat Engineers had withdrawn to rest. As they made their way back to their camp near the Seven Sisters of Trenkenkragg a lone Wood Elf mounted on a Great Eagle swooped down from the clouds and carried Rambok off into the distance.

The Great Confluence Week 2

The peace of the Great Forest that once held sway over the land was no more. In its place was the crash of arms, the shouts of warriors and the screams of the wounded. But it was around the Benedict’s Retreat inn that the forest was most disturbed.

The Dawi Zharr Combat Engineers marched forward in disciplined ranks through the forest, whilst their Greenskin allies swarmed forward in an eager mass. The only exceptions were the Hobgoblins who showed at least some sense of order.

Even as the Chaos Dwarfs watched, another unit of foolish Greenskins moved too close to the Whirlwind cutting its way through the forest. With a series of dull thuds the spinning blades decapitated countless goblins at once, spraying gore out for many meters.
Even as the goblins were being slaughtered a hobgoblin scout came running out of the trees. Shouting to Zhathrak over the screams of the dying goblins he gave his report.

“Boss the humies have deployed a great force just beyond around one of their buildings, the one they call Benedict’s Retreat.”

Zhathrak turned to face the assembled army and raised his axe high as he gave the command to attack. The assembled Orcs and Chaos Dwarfs roared a guttural cry, and surged forwards.

Several miles away in the silent depths of the Green Heart the Vicinerator rumbled onwards. The machine opened fire with its main cannon and yet another swathe of the ancient forest was destroyed.

Garazad Da Mightey bared his fangs in approval, turning to the Chaos Stunty Sorcerer who had delivered the machine.

“Dis is a good gift. Dem pointy-ears haven’t got a chance against da Orcs now!”

The Sorcerer replied coldly, “Just be careful it doesn’t get damaged, the Hand will not take it kindly if their gift is not taken care of.”

Just as Garazad turned back to gaze at his shiny gift, the Orc to his right collapsed with an arrow jutting from its neck. Before he could see where the shot had come from the smaller cannons on the sides of the Vicinerator opened fire. The flash nearly blinded Garazad, when his vision cleared he saw the forest on either side of the machine had seemingly disappeared with dozens of mangled pointy-ear bodies lying on the ground.

Zhathrak watched the Hunters of Sigmar once more; he had come to respect these manlings for their relentless attacks. From the tree line hundreds had surged towards their Greenskin allies, whilst to their rear a band of human fanatics had attempted to encircle them. The artillery opened fire over the heads of the Chaos Dwarf army causing an almighty carnage.

Ultimately however the situation was hopeless. The Chaos Dwarfs withdrew while their precious war machines were still intact; leaving their allies to their fate. Across the Great Confluence the Greenskin attacks had yet to make an impact, yet as the Chaos Dwarfs retreated back into the forest Zhathrak assured himself that his fiendish plans would wait for no one.

The Talabec Borders Week 2

The dark legions of Chaos Dwarfs had begun to swarm into the Talabec Borders. Half of the combat engineers amongst the ranks had headed north to begin construction on a port on the River Talabec. Steam driven engines and slave giants had been working night and day on the massive construction. It was nearly completed and had been dubbed Port Maw until further notice.

Meanwhile at the warren of caves where the main Orc encampment was, the remaining combat engineers had been preparing a makeshift fort named The Darkness of Gorgoth. In the event of anyone finding out about the presence of two armies, the Chaos Dwarfs had already built tall walls and deadly traps around the entrances. Their enemies would then have to face the fierce warriors that dwelt within.

The progression and scale of the work was immense, unfathomable to most races. Even the Druchii who would use many, if not more, slaves for such projects would be incapable of working so quickly. The knowledge of fortification and arcane construction was a well-held secret amongst the doughty slavers.

During the construction the Granite Guard led by their champion Rykarth, and the Immortals led by Mrythark, had left the den of the Greenskins. Their scouts had reported that the righteous Hunters of Sigmar were fast approaching and needed to be stopped. They were no doubt coming to rescue the prisoners the Chaos Dwarfs had taken a week earlier from their base at the Hunter’s Haven.

The destruction of so much forest had also alerted the Asrai that dwelled in the region. Quick to anger at such trespassing, the Wood Elves began to awaken the forest spirits to defend their broken homes. A guerrilla war began across a vast front, the Wood Elves launching lightning attacks and darkening the sky with thousands of arrows. Yet against this furious assault, their stone reinforced armour had protected the Immortals from harm and the casualties had been relatively light. Their Greenskin allies had not been so fortunate, but the rocket powered Doom Divers had caused horrendous damage in the enemy lines.

As the sun fell at the end of the second week, the woods themselves came to life and joined the war. The axes of the Dawi Zharr bit deep and the pyromancy wielded by the Disciples of Hashut quickly burnt the tree creatures. The forest was angered, the fires burnt, yet still their dark mission was not complete.

The Barren Hills Week 2

Across the whole of the Barren Hills, the Orcs had yet to make their impact. The Chaos Dwarfs had captured many thousands of slaves, and killed countless enemies around the Bitter Moon, but it was not enough.

Sorcerer-Lord Zarkov and the Hand of Hashut had anticipated such things, the Greenskin tribes needed to build up momentum before they were truly dangerous.

What was needed was a force to inspire the Orcs to achieve greater things. A force that could change the balance of the war and bring an end to the furious assaults upon their allies by their traitor kin.

The Hand of Hashut council were aware of only one force that could help them with this, a force that they had already taken dangerous steps to summon.

From their dark empire in the Dark Lands beyond, even the Dawi-Zharr were aware of the legendary beasts that dwelt at the Giant’s Tump. The Giants to be found here would prove to be the ultimate test of their creation; Baragronti the Unstoppable whom none can kill. The greatest Kollossus ever built this mechanical giant had long since escaped from its creators, the daemons within driving him on to some greater purpose. In places the mechanisms inside had been exposed, an unholy mix of daemons and metal twisting and writhing within ever seeking to regenerate the damaged parts.

Baragronti had escaped from dark forges beneath Zharr Naggrund and wondered far across the Dark Lands for many long years. With great difficulty the Chaos Dwarf Sorcerers managed to summon him to war, and even now were slowly guiding him towards the Giant’s Tump.

With the aid of this behemoth nothing could stand before their Orc allies. Should any Giants survive this encounter the Dawi-Zharr will attempt to enslave them, putting them to work building a stronghold for the Chaos Dwarfs within the lands of Men.

The Taalford Lowlands Week 2

Having launched a successful surprise assault on the Temple of Invidious Silence, the Chaos Dwarf combat engineers had taken hundreds of slaves. The foolish manlings had been flocking to the Temple in hope of divine retribution from the armies that were bearing down upon them, and retribution had arrived with Borri and his army!

The ancient war machines under his command had creaked forwards and managed to encircle the Temple. Frothwight Crabclaw had then given the command to attack, much to Borri’s annoyance, and from then on things had not quite gone according to plan.

As the hundreds of Tenderisers and Whirlwinds were pushed forwards, the Bullcentaur crew had apparently decided to race to the Temple. The scything blades and smashing hammers moving so close together had created a killing zone that annihilated all the Greenksins racing ahead of the battle line. Whilst this wasn’t really a problem in itself, the corpses had broken the wheels on many war machines, and only a handful attacked the defenders at the Temple in any sense of order.

The defenders had fortunately been broken within an hour of fighting, and had been shackled together for the march ahead.

After several days cutting their way through the forest once more, Borri Hipposson had finally arrived at his intended location. He wasn’t sure exactly where this was, but he was there at last!

Here their Greenskin allies had gathered in their thousands, and were eagerly awaiting their arrival. At the centre of their camp the foundations for what would be an enormous wooden monstrosity rose above the tree tops. Whole tree trunks had been crudely attached together as supports, and the goblins working near the top looked like tiny ants swarming out of their nest.

Ok. This was not what Borri had been expecting. The Greenskins had started construction of what they called ‘Da Tenderiza’, and apparently their Chaos Dwarf allies were here to help.

Borri looked back towards his own ramshackle Tenderisers, then at the monstrosity before him and sighed heavily. This was going to be a long week.