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With any luck it will be possible to have the army you actually play listed separately to the side you’re fighting for…


Yes, Orcs and Goblins seems to be our team. DOn’t forget to check out the sites posted in the first post. And don’t forget about [[Rykarth the Unbreakable]]!!


I would be interested to hear what people think of the O&G alliance here.��The Hand of Hashut is one forum and this is another.

Then there is the issue of a second war council… I’m more in favour of people here following the narrative we make over there. I certainly don’t plan to organise 2 seperate narratives.


How does the narrative work? I am sure we could collaborate on this.


Hand of Hashut has an alliance with the orcs, the issue still hasn’t been put to people on this site (although i’m sure most will follow this line) Personally, I intend to register as Hordes of Chaos (although I’m slightly peeved that it appears my Beasts of Chaos will be part of a different faction) as this is my main gaming army. The CDs should be making an appearence though, although my local store club opperates a strict “paint before you play” policy, and thus I have my work cut out!


GW, in my area anyway, has recently done away with “paint before you play” as a policy. However, being a staff member, my models must be painted.

It’s tough call whether for Chaos or Orcs. I do think however we stand a better chance of earning rewards if we help Orcs, since we can actually use orcs in our list. A long shot, I know, but a bonus applied to Orcs might inadvertently be applied to CDs as well.


I agree with the Orc alliance. I feel they are the army the Chaos Dwarves are most likely to have contact with. The Orcs are one of the main factions in this campaign and are likely to do well, and it couldn’t hurt to piggy-back on that success.

The Raven:

absolutely. It is also not very hard to incorporate the orcs into our own fluff.

The Slaver:

i have to disagree with allying with the orcs. If im not mistaken, Girmgor is a Black Orc, and as he is leading the orcs for the Nemisis crown, we wouldn’t be very likly to trust him, and thus i say go with our roots: CHAOS!! Of course, as we are at heart an evil army, i could easily see infighting and arguing about a mode of attack, and thus different generals take different sides. I myself wouldn’t see an alliance between the Chosen of Hashut and those Green bellied, Snotling snuffing, goblin gobblin, stinking Slaves! they betrayed us once, and they will not have the pleasure of doing so again…


I registered today, under Orcs.


I registered today, under Orcs.

As did I!

Uzkul Werit:

Naturally, I changed the symbol on the ID Card to a Chaos Dwarf one.


Care to share? :smiley:


Yea how did you make the symbol for us?

General Alexander Kerensky at your service, leader of Hashut’s Korps


I also registreded as a orc player. I think the alliance is a good one


I am curious, do you just post your results (for those of you playing Chaos Dwarves) as Hordes of Chaos?


Hashut’s Blessing:

Most of us have been posting the results as Orcs, but it’s up to you Airtruck. It depends upon your fluff, really.


Oh, no I’m not a chaos dwarf player. (But that would explain the ridiculous amounts of battles being posted for the orc faction!) I was just curious :slight_smile:



I registered as dwarfs, because my CD army isnt even started enough to warrant pictures.

so unfortunately im fighting for the other side . . . . cue the boos and hisses lol

not doing too bad either 4/3/1 w/d/l


lol my record is not so good. 1/2/0 w/d/l i win vs. high elves , 1 draw vs. high elves, 1 draw vs Tzeentch