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Who will claim the Nemesis Crown?

Global Campaign Commences July, 2007

There seem to be a bunch of Nemesis sites, one for each region. Here are a few:




I will update this thread as we learn more about the campaign, for now we can discuss anything to do with the upcoming campaign. Personally, I want to have 2000 points up and running for July. That is my plan, my goal. I wish to represent the Dawi Zharr this summer like never before!


Hashut’s Blessing:

I will use my Chaos Dwarves. I have also decided that my Chaos army are allies to the Chaos Dwarves and so live in the lands and now worship Hashut. But, they are no longer Chaos. Just mortals that live in the Plains and are Hashutites.


I’ll be using my CDs and probably my beasties also (love those guys).

What exactly is the story behind the ‘Nemesis Crown’?

I heard that it’s a lost Dawii artifact or something and that the rise of Nagash is involved. It seems all a bit vague to me, what has officially been announced by GW?

Lord Zarkov:

I will most certainly be using my CD’s for the campaign (if I have time to play).

The chosen of hashut:

Hi, I think the nemesis crown was a crown that was made by alaric the mad, but it was hidden in a secret place because it was too powerfull. And now everybody seem to (almost) know where it is.

There have also been some rumors about nagash taking part in the campaign. If he does, he is probably going to be a special character in the new vc book (will probably come after the high elves armybook).

But thats just what I have heard.:wink:


Ther are rumours that a CD special model will be made for the campaign. Keep your eyes peeled!


It is very vague right now. The only official thing I have seen is an Ad in the WD that says:

Who will claim the Nemesis Crown?

Global Campaign Commences July, 2007

As more becomes official, I will amend this thread.


Well, my CD aren’t painted yet, so i’ll most likely be using my Lizardmen (which aren’t painted either but are closer to it than my CD :rolleyes: )

Hashut’s Blessing:

Well, it gives you more reason to finish your CDs first then :D.

Lord Zarkov:

From WD327 (paraphrased)

The Nemesis Crown was made by Alaric the Mad from warpstone.

It was his greatest achievement but, until completed, he was unaware of it’s destructive potential.

Terrefied, he hid it in the Great Forest where it was recently discovered after it’s hiding place was revealed by an earthquake.

Some dwarf miners discovered it, but all bar one were slain, and he was driven mad “as Alaric himself by his experience” This dwarf told others and now the Empire and Orcs are searching the forest, the Dwarfs are being readied to recalim it, and others are preparing their armies and scheming.

The Raven:

cool, finally the reason why Alaric was called ‘the Mad’. Sadly I won’t be able to play very much during the campaign…


This dwarf told others and now the Empire and Orcs are searching the forest...

Lord Zarkov
Well, THAT was stupid. You Dwarfen mother obviously didn't bring him up right.

Lord Zarkov:

[IC]It’s obviously another example of the stupidity we have come to accept of our treacherous western cousins!

WE would never tell others of such a discovery, let alone others of lesser races; I mean letting them roam free was foolish enough, but telling them the rough location of an artefact of such power!

I hearby declare that Clan Deathclaw will raise an army to claim that most powerful of artefacts, for the glory of Hashut and the member of his Council of Sorcerers, Lord Zarkov, master of Clan Deathclaw!

Now, where’s my obsidian box and tongs…

[OoC] Yeah, twas pretty foolish,


Haha! I am raising my own army to claim the crown, as we speak! Bwahaha! We’ll also take some slaves during our campaign, so it won’t be a total loss if we don’t get it. :wink:


I say we steal the crown bury it in the darkland and tell the skaven about it then when the skaven come runing we can enslave then in the thousands.

The Dark One:

i will do my part for the chaos dwarfs this summer

Uzkul Werit:

The Garrison of Gash Kadrak will once again march into the West, once again ignoring the main target be looting every tavern along the way for all it’s worth!

I’m away for a few weeks in the summer but I’ll be at the frontlines. Shall we have more SOC style fluff for this campagin too?


The nemisis crown was made by Alric the mad and, well, made him mad.

On another note, I will be using my chaos dwarfs. I have around 2500 pts.

Glory for chaos dwarfs, hope we can actually steal the crown.

EDIT: I have corrected some of your post here. Please use, in future, a spellchecker if possible and punctuation would make it easier for everyone to read. Thank you ~ Hashut’s Blessing.


Everyone register for the campaign.Registraton starts on June 25th.

Hashut’s Blessing:

we were going to register when able to. Chaos dwarfs have an alliance with Orcs. Unless we can register as ourselves by that time, it is strongly recommended to register as orcs and post in you battle report that your army fought alongside chaos dwarfs. trying to spread the news.